NTT DoCoMo, one of Japan’s largest mobile network operators, has launched a new mobile phone “kids keitai sh-03m” specially designed for children. It is co manufactured by DoCoMo and sharp, and is connected to the network by using the ESIM technology of Jiede mobile security.

The new children’s mobile phone includes an ESIM chip (euicc) from Jiede mobile security, equipped with DoCoMo’s mobile phone code number. Because the mobile phone is a pure ESIM device, it has only one embedded UICC and no plug-in SIM card slot. The embedded SIM card is soldered on the chip board, so that the SIM card will not be lost or damaged. In addition, the smaller the SIM card is, the less space it takes up, which is convenient to reduce the size of the device and meet the needs of children.

NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese mobile network operator, has launched a children's mobile phone specially designed for children

Kids keitai sh-03m children’s mobile phone

The chip is based on the SM @ rtsim-cx platform of Jiede mobile security, through which the security management of ESIM is realized. DoCoMo can easily manage the code number with the help of ESIM management service of Jiede mobile security.

“Kids keitai sh-03m” mobile phone is specially designed for children aged 5-12. It not only supports calls and traffic, but also can be used as a safety tool to protect children. Some of its special features include preventing parents from making strange calls and alarming. The ESIM and battery in the mobile phone are not detachable, so the security is also improved. The mobile phone also has the functions of waterproof and sand prevention, which is enough to withstand the challenge of children’s activities.

“Children’s mobile phones are particularly popular in Japan,” said Bernd Mueller, global vice president of TCD and head of technology, solutions and strategy at Jette mobile security. It can not only help parents know their children’s position at any time, but also play the role of protecting their children. We are happy to support sharp and DoCoMo’s new devices with ESIM technology. “

Shigeru Kobayashi, general manager of personal communication system division of sharp mobile communications division, said: “ESIM of Jiede mobile security is based on market proven security [email protected] CX platform is the most successful euicc in the world. As a result, sharp can provide children with this ideal new mobile phone, which not only has a small size, but also has the ability to resist falling and hitting. “

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