NRF24L01 transmission power test steps

Transmission power test requires bk24x1 to output single carrier signal. See carrier in the reference document for register settings_ The demo software of test() function sends single carrier directly;

The specific steps are as follows:

(1) Set the chip to transmit: write bank0_ REG0_ Bit0=0; When CE = 1 is raised, CE has a rising edge;

(2) Set the test channel and frequency: write bank0_ Reg5 [6:0] = 0x28 = 40, corresponding frequency FRF = (2400 + 40) MHz;

(3) Set the chip to single carrier transmit: write bank1_ REG4=0XD99E8621; If using demo software to switch to “ACK / Noack mode test” interface, click carrier test start button to output single carrier;

(4) Spectrum analyzer settings:

a、Frequency center=Frequency at Max Amplitude, such as 2440MHz at channel 40;


c. RBW “100kHz, can be set as auto;

(5) Record the power value and corresponding frequency value at this frequency. The frequency value needs to be resolved to 1kHz. Test the power value of low, medium and high channels by changing the channel value in 2), where the transmission frequency FRF = (2400 + channel) MHz.

NRF24L01 transmission distance is short how to return a responsibility

Taobao bought nRF24L01 module, their own test, the longest distance is less than 3 meters, and unstable. Set the transmission rate to 1MHz and the maximum transmission power to 0dB. When testing, the effect is good within 1 meter, but not more than 2 meters. What could be the problem?

Answer: nRF24L01 is the worst wireless transmission module. It has no additional antenna to gain gain. Your 2m is normal because you are indoors and the transmission distance will be shortened due to the environmental impact.

If you want to go further, you can consider nRF905, CC1100, or other higher power wireless data transmission modules. The distance can be improved quickly. You can also consider a more powerful ZigBee module, but it is more expensive than generic.

What can nRF24L01 do

NRF24L01 can be applied to the following fields

Wireless mouse, keyboard, game console joystick

Wireless access control

Wireless data communication

Security system

Remote control device

Remote sensing survey

Intelligent sports equipment

Industrial Sensors


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