Today, microcontrollers (MCU), also known as microcontrollers, are almost everywhere, from simple dimmer switches to complex electronic systems, such as commonly used mobile phones. So, what does learning single chip need to involve? The following small series will be as simple as possible to teach novice how to learn SCM development.

1、 Learn the basic knowledge of MCU

First, you need to understand some basic knowledge, such as coding system and logic – microcontrollers are not decimal, they are binary systems. Then, you need to understand the structure of microcontrollers and how they work. Finally, we can learn programming by learning assembly language and embedded C language. In the process, you need to master the development environment and learn how to download the written code to the appropriate hardware.

2、 Select development environment

Learn SCM development, you may have heard of Arduino, it is an open source electronic prototype platform, easy to start. Why do you say that? Because it really allows you to start programming quickly, the disadvantage is that it only gives you a rudimentary understanding of microcontroller programming.

Arduino has its own very simple development environment, using a simplified language called wiring, and using boot loaders to download code to a board without involving any microcontrollers, which means you don’t actually have to think about anything about embedded systems, C programming, or professional tools.

Arduino’s programming language is a simplified version of C. it works by including a large number of pre written library files that you can call directly. As mentioned above, the immediate effect of Arduino is good, but it’s like drawing on a drawing board. Although the results are satisfactory, you can never learn to color with real pigments.

3、 Learn to complete the development of MCU

1. Choose modular hardware, which can be expanded to meet your various needs.

2. Use the latest integrated development environment, including professional simulators.

3. Starting from the cases, there are many excellent examples on the Internet, which will not be repeated here.

4. Learn how to organize documents, books, charts and data tables every day in the process of MCU development.

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