In recent years, with the development of civil UAV, plant protection UAV has also been widely used in agricultural production. In particular, China has more than 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land and about 1.5 billion mu are suitable for UAV plant protection. With the development of agricultural modernization, mechanization and centralized circulation, agricultural plant protection UAVs have great prospects.

North China industrial control special computer scheme helps plant protection UAV meet a variety of harsh operating environment applications

01. What is an agricultural plant protection UAV?

Agricultural plant protection UAV is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection. It is composed of flight platform, navigation flight control system, spraying mechanism and other parts. Through ground remote control or embedded AI software and hardware products, it can complete different functions such as agent spraying, disaster investigation and agricultural field monitoring. It has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and energy saving, Finally, it will increase the economic benefits of farmers.

In the latest design of agricultural plant protection UAV system, the model is small and powerful. The controller tracks and controls it through the ground control panel and GPS system. The network IP camera on the UAV body can monitor the irrigation and growth of farmland in real time, and return the collected graphic / video data information to the panel for storage and display, Thus, the precise operation and other intelligent operations of plant protection UAV can be realized. In order to ensure the stable operation of UAV system, relevant manufacturers mostly choose intelligent industrial control hardware as their technical carrier, and have strict technical requirements for product stability, reliability, power consumption and scalability.

02. Special computer scheme for plant protection UAV of North China industrial control

North China industrial control has been deeply engaged in the field of agricultural UAVs for many years with the strength of industrial control. It has created two independent and controllable product supply chains of arm and x86 architecture, which can provide a series of embedded computer products dedicated to plant protection UAVs to meet the application needs of most professional customers.

North China industrial control has an embedded industrial motherboard that can be used exclusively in the flight control system of plant protection UAV, with high product integration and support on-board DDR3 memory; Low power consumption and high reliability; Multifunctional interface design, support VGA + LVDS + HDMI display, and can complete higher-end graphics processing and HD display; Multi serial port design, support line out + line in + mic in audio, with power amplifier; It supports a variety of network input and output, and can provide solutions for interactive clients, UAVs, intelligent robots, industrial control and other industries.

Huabei industrial control can customize and develop various types and sizes (8 “, 10”, 12 “, 15”, 17 “, 19” ·····················································································. The protection grade of the product panel is IP65, with anti-static, anti surge, anti-interference and other characteristics; Support multiple signal inputs and Gigabit Ethernet / WiFi / 3G / 4G network application environment; High definition touchable LCD screen is adopted to support human-computer interaction; With industrial stability and reliability, low power consumption and high reliability, it can meet a variety of harsh operating environments of agricultural plant protection UAV.

Plant protection UAV operation has unique advantages in the field of informatization. Its characteristics of intelligence, networking and informatization have changed the traditional agricultural operation mode and made agriculture develop better. Guided by market demand and based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, North China industrial control can provide customers with highly flexible and customized products and services.

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