The research results jointly released by Nokia and Telefonica show that 5g network can save 90% energy than 4G network. This study examined the radio access network (RAN) power consumption of Telecom Spain, and the results were obtained over a period of three months. Both companies said that although 5g networks have greatly increased network traffic, they will not increase power consumption at the same frequency, fulfilling their commitment to climate change.

Nokia research concludes that 5g network can save 90% energy than 4G network

Despite the positive results, Nokia also acknowledged that commercial 5g networks need to do more to further improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The results show that the combination of wireless base station and network level such as 5g power saving function, small cell deployment, new 5g architecture and protocol can significantly improve the energy consumption of wireless network.

This study uses solutions from Nokia’s airscale portfolio, including airscale base station and airscale massive MIMO active antenna solutions. Commented Tommy uitto, President of hardware and mobile network research at Nokia

Our greatest contribution to overcoming the world’s sustainability challenges is the solutions and technologies we develop and provide. We attach great importance to this. At the beginning of the design, Nokia’s technology considered how to improve energy efficiency in the use process and reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process. This important study highlights how mobile operators can offset energy benefits when launching new products, thus helping them to improve their sense of environmental responsibility while saving a lot of costs.

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