On March 2, according to foreign media reports, HMD plans to launch an entry-level 4G smartphone Nokia C2. In terms of hardware, Nokia C2 will be equipped with unisoc sc9832e. At present, Nokia C2 has confirmed that it supports 4G LTE network, passed Bluetooth certification, and appeared in Malaysia and Thailand certification.

Nokia C2 exposure will be equipped with Ziguang zhanrui sc9832e chip positioning as 4G entry-level Smartphone

Nokia C2

It is reported that Nokia and Ziguang zhanrui have a long-term cooperative relationship. In December last year, Nokia C1 smart phones for Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region were launched in Kenya, Africa, equipped with Ziguang zhanrui 3G smartphone platform sc7731e. The Ziguang zhanrui sc9832e, which is carried by Nokia C2, is the most integrated LTE chip platform in the world. It has been shipped on a large scale in the world, and has achieved the best balance in performance, power consumption and high integration, becoming the preferred platform for 4G entry-level smart phones.

It is understood that the annual shipment of Ziguang zhanrui chips exceeds 1.5 billion. ZTE, Hisense, TCL, Alcatel, Meizu, Blu, Chuanyin, Xiaomi duoqin and other mobile phone brands also use Ziguang zhanrui chips.

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