On August 31, in the 5g enhancement technology research and development test millimeter wave test organized by the imt-2020 (5g) promotion group, Nokia bell cooperated with the chip based test terminal in Huairou test field, and successfully demonstrated the peak performance of millimeter wave 4gbps, which was unanimously recognized by experts and representatives of operators on site.

Nokia bell demonstrates the peak performance of 4gbps millimeter wave, bringing more possibilities for 5g applications

After the successful completion of MMW base station and terminal interoperability test in 2019, Nokia bell has once again proved the commercial maturity and leading performance of its commercial MMW base station. According to the test specification formulated by 5g test working group, Nokia bell uses a millimeter wave base station which can support up to 800MHz total bandwidth on the roof of a low building, simulates various millimeter wave commercial scenarios in Huairou outfield, and tests with chip based terminals, which fully verifies the outstanding performance of Nokia bell commercial millimeter wave base station. If the ultra-high peak rate can be achieved: the NR side achieves 4gbps ultra-high peak value, which is far higher than the sub6g performance; the coverage capacity exceeds the industry expectation: the downlink speed can still reach hundreds of megabits to 2gbps at 1200 meters, non line of sight scenarios and human occlusion test scenarios. The actual test results resolve the misunderstanding that 5g millimeter wave can only transmit line of sight and occlusion is interrupted immediately.

The success of this test shows that the ultra-high speed of 5g millimeter wave can bring more possibilities for 5g applications, especially the millimeter wave band can provide ultra-high capacity and low delay characteristics. For example, 4gbps capacity is equivalent to transmitting 40 channels of 8K video at the same time, which effectively increases the connotation and extension of 5g industry.

Millimeter wave technology is an important guarantee for the ubiquitous coverage of 5g network. Recently, Nokia bell has completed the model approval of 700m broadband base station and millimeter wave ultra wideband capability test, which fully demonstrates the commercial capability of Nokia bell 5g in low frequency and high frequency. Under the organization of imt-2020 (5g) promotion group, Nokia bell will continue to actively participate in millimeter wave related tests, continuously promote the development of industrial chain, and actively contribute to millimeter wave business.

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