Multi core in hand, the world I have.

In 2019, under the leadership of AMD’s 7Nm zen2, multi-core processors have reached a new level. In the mainstream processor market, there are 16 core sharp dragon 9 3950x. Hedt fever platform has developed a new generation of 32-core 64 thread processor. Next year, there are 64 core 128 thread sharp dragon threadriver 3990x processors.

No one can stop AMD's 9 3990x processor from coming up with the same level of competitors in the next year or two

In this nuclear war, due to the insistence on the use of native multi-core, you can’t be rigid in the number of cores. The server has a maximum of 28 cores and 56 threads, and the desktop has a maximum of 18 cores and 32 threads. Now, the problem is not only that friends worry about competition, but also that AMD’s marketing personnel have to worry about reporting, because they can’t choose the bidding products when they are competing for them.

According to the latest marketing materials of AMD, the competitors assigned by AMD to 24 core, 32 core sharp dragon tr 3960x and tr 3970x are core i9-10980xe and core i9-10920x.

In the past, this kind of benchmarking is OK. There are hedt platform products on both sides, but this year’s situation has changed. The price of hedt platform processor on the opponent’s side has been reduced by 50%, and the highest price of 18 cores is only $979, while the tr 3970x on AMD’s side is $1999, and the price has doubled. Neither of them is at the same level.

As for the 64 core Ruilong 9 3990x processor, AMD’s marketing personnel are even more worried – looking around the world, no processor can be its competitor, and now TBA is still in a pending state, but judging from the current situation, it is unlikely that there will be competitors of the same level in the next year or two.

Of course, many indexes of 64 core sharp dragon tr 3990x processor have not been determined. Besides 64c / 128t, 288mb cache and 280W TDP, CPU frequency, acceleration frequency, memory frequency and channel are all unknown.

It is worth noting that the platform used by the sharp dragon tr 3990x is also the strx4. Although this is not a very fresh confirmation, it seems that the eight channel memory Trx80 platform in the rumor should not be available. AMD is unlikely to produce a new host series just for this 64 core processor.

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