Nju7890, a high voltage monitoring IC developed by Nippon wireless, has entered the mass production stage. The IC can detect DC 1000V voltage and output with high precision.


The inverter and battery, which are essential to the environment-friendly new energy vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles, often require miniaturization and high performance. Among them, the voltage monitoring module is mostly composed of several separate components, such as detection resistor and operational amplifier. Therefore, the occupation area of high-voltage circuit in ECU increases, and the attenuation accuracy deteriorates due to the composition of discrete components. Therefore, Nippon wireless has developed this nju7890 with single package, built-in high input resistance and high precision performance, and finally began to enter the mass production stage.

The voltage monitoring module equipped with nju7890 can improve the performance of environment-friendly new energy vehicles and realize miniaturization and lightweight.

[product features]

1. High voltage monitoring of 1000V is realized ± High precision attenuation rate of 1%

In the past, when high input resistance is made up of discrete components in high voltage monitoring circuit, multiple detection resistors and operational amplifiers are needed. In order to ensure the creepage distance between multiple components, the occupied area of ECU will increase, and the error of each component will cause the deterioration of attenuation accuracy. The use of multiple external components is the main problem. Nju7890 single package 30m Ω High input resistance and high precision amplifier, resistance matching accuracy will be higher. Nju7890 can not only print 1000V voltage directly, but also realize the function at the working temperature Ta = – 40 to + 125 º In the range of C, the attenuation precision is reduced to 1 / 10, and the attenuation rate can reach 0 ± 1%。

In this way, high-precision voltage monitoring can be realized, which contributes to the realization of more efficient electrical automation control.

The integration of high voltage monitoring circuit (composed of discrete components) can realize miniaturization and high precision

Brief illustration of nju7890 application

2. Pmap11 with high reliability and small package is adopted to realize the lightweight and miniaturization of ECU

Nju7890 adopts pmap11 which can ensure creepage distance of 1000V. Pmap11 is a pinless package with expanded 4-corner terminals and more than 2000 times of actual strength. The wettable flange structure can be used for the appearance inspection of the welding part when the ECU is installed. In addition, the feedback resistor is all built-in, no longer need external components.

The pmap11 package can meet the miniaturization and lightweight requirements of Automotive ECU, and also ensure the reliable quality and safe use of the product. Compared with the previous discrete circuit structure, it is conducive to greatly reducing the actual installation area.

Compared with the previous discrete circuit structure, it is reduced by 90%: the company’s survey results in January 2021

High reliability and small package pmap11 is adopted

[product performance]

Common mode input voltage + 1000V

● differential mode input voltage ± 1000V

High precision decay rate error ± 1%,(Ta=-40 to +125℃)

High input resistance 30m Ω min

Power supply voltage 2.2V to 5.5V

Working temperature range TA = – 40 to + 125 ℃

Package pmap11


Power control unit (PCU)

Inverter control

Product appearance

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