Nippon wireless recently developed a reflective photoelectric sensor njl5830r, which can be used for non-contact sensing buttons, and announced that it has started to release samples.


Njl5830r is a reflective photoelectric sensor integrated with high output infrared LED and light receiving IC.

The sensor is not only used for a single button, even the device adjacent to the row of buttons can also be non-contact operation.

The device button with high touch frequency in public places can realize non-contact operation, which contributes to the prevention of bacterial infection and improvement of the sanitary environment.

New Japan wireless will continue to launch non-contact photoelectric sensor series products in the future.

[product features]

1. The existing button can be improved to non-contact type

Njl5830r is a reflective photoelectric sensor which can make all kinds of buttons non-contact. The chip type small thin package is adopted, and the existing buttons can be embedded and modified.

The realization of non-contact technology has contributed to the prevention of bacterial infection and improvement of health environment.

2. It can also be used for adjacent row buttons

Njl5830r can be applied to adjacent row buttons by optimizing the best sensing distance. For example, vending machines, ticket vending machines and other devices with multiple buttons are most suitable for application.

3. Digital output (normally closed type)

Njl5830r reflective photoelectric sensor outputs “high” signal when it detects a target (finger), which is normally closed detection type.

The circuit wiring of the existing button can be used as usual without any circuit modification.

[product performance]

Small thin package: 3.6 x 5.8 x 1.2mm

Digital output (normally closed type)

Power supply voltage: 5.0V

Working temperature range: – 30 ℃ to 70 ℃

Corresponding lead-free reflow soldering: 260 ℃, twice

No lead, no halide

Meet the requirements of RoHS directive


Operation switch

Control panel

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