Recently, in an interview with Nikkei news, Nintendo President yuktaro koohe said that Nintendo is expanding its exploration and interest in new technologies, and expressed great interest in the prospect of AR.

Nintendo is very interested in the future of ar. maybe ar mode will appear in the game in the future

When talking about the layout and latest trends of giant companies such as apple in the AR market, koutaro said that Nintendo was interested in exploring the rapidly developing technology, he said: “I don’t want the public to misunderstand us. Instead of giving up support for new technologies, we are constantly conducting research and development. Our hardware development team will evaluate various new technologies available so far and work with the software development team. If they determine that the new technology can be used with games, they will adopt the new technology. We won’t change it Change this basic method. “

Nintendo is very interested in the future of ar. maybe ar mode will appear in the game in the future

“For AR, this is definitely one of the many technologies we are interested in. We are currently studying interesting ways to use it.”

Although Nintendo’s idea of AR games sounds new, this is not the first time Nintendo has tried AR technology. As early as 2011, Nintendo launched an AR card for 3DS, enabling users to interact with 3D models of their beloved Nintendo game characters and participate in AR mini games of related games, including Mario Party: Island Tour, bravery default, kid Icarus: raising and other games.

Last April, Nintendo released the Nintendo labo VR suite, which is an expansion of the existing labo platform. The kit comes with cardboard accessories related to specific experiences, such as elephant nose, camera, impact gun, etc. Since its release, Nintendo has also added several new mini games to this VR suite, including the new game mode of Mario Odyssey and the VR mode of Zelda legend: the breath of the wilderness.

In terms of AR, Nintendo has recently developed several games on mobile platforms, so we may have the opportunity to see ar mode appear in these games.


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