“By sticking this label and making a good record of the basic data, we can accurately determine the direction of each cable in the future, and the corridor resource account information can be viewed on the mobile phone.” On August 24, the staff of Taoyuan power supply office of Ninghai County power supply company of State Grid were installing high-frequency labels for each cable in the 110kV Taoyuan transformer outlet cable well of Ninghai.

Ninghai Power Supply Company of State Grid starts digital survey of cable and pipeline based on RFID

In early August, Ninghai Power Supply Company of State Grid started the digital survey of cable and pipeline. Different from the previous cable survey work, the company adopted RFID technology for the first time, installing high-frequency tags for each cable in each cable well and low-frequency tags for each cable well. At the same time, complete the cleaning of the cable well.

The general survey plan of cable pipeline will complete the listing of 527 10kV cable wells in the jurisdiction area of Taoyuan power supply station of Ninghai County power supply company of State Grid, involving a total length of 100km of 10kV cables. Finally, a complete set of cable pipeline geographic data map will be formed. The location coordinates of each cable well, as well as all cable directions and intermediate joint positions will be marked on the geographic map. The complete well information can be viewed in each cable well, including the details of the number of cable wells. Up to now, the “label installation” of 145 cable wells has been completed, involving a total length of 15.75 km of cables.

The application of RFID technology in cable pipeline marks the transformation of cable pipeline operation and maintenance from extensive to digital lean management and control in Ninghai Power Supply Company of State Grid. This basic information will greatly support the follow-up cable operation and maintenance work and improve the efficiency of cable line search. In the future, the staff only need to carry a mobile phone to quickly query the cable line geographic distribution information; Using radio frequency identification equipment, without opening the cable well, the information in the well can be quickly identified and obtained through low-frequency tags; The combination of the new high frequency tag on each cable and the traditional cable tag will provide the staff with effective identification basis for multiple cables in the well.

Next, the State Grid Ninghai Power Supply Company will orderly promote the cable operation and maintenance work, continue to promote the cable census work, and make full use of the cable census results to carry out the cable operation and maintenance renovation work.

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