On December 7, Ningbo Mobile announced that 5g mobile phone users exceeded 1 million. The reporter learned from Zhejiang Mobile Ningbo branch that at present, 5g mobile phone users are growing by leaps and bounds. The average household flow of 5g is 21GB, nearly 50% higher than that of 4G.

Ningbo Mobile announced that 5g mobile phone users exceeded 1 million

5g has won the favor of more than one million users in just one year since it was officially put into commercial use. Behind the rapid popularization, it is due to the strong network construction speed of mobile people. Up to now, Ningbo Mobile has built nearly 5500 5g base stations, which is the second largest in the province and the largest in the city. It has achieved comprehensive coverage of the main urban areas and important towns on the “surface”; it has achieved over 1400km coverage of important transportation trunk lines such as high-speed, high-speed rail and subway on the “line”; it has achieved government organs, city landmarks, airports, railway stations, wharves, key business districts and so on on on the “point” 5g network coverage of over 1000 hot spots such as group customers. As long as 5g mobile phones are replaced, mobile users can easily enjoy the fast 5g network without changing their cards or numbers. It is reported that in July this year, Ningbo was rated as one of the top ten excellent cities of 5g network in China. The average download speed of 5g mobile network in the main urban area of Ningbo is nearly 900mbps, ranking first in China. After the large-scale application of 5gsa network, it has brought users a higher speed, more stable and safer network experience. The “flying” general 5g experience has made many citizens “enjoy themselves”.

Under the fast and stable mobile 5g network blessing, the rights and interests of 5g users are also numerous. For 5g package, under the same monthly fee, you can enjoy the exclusive benefits of lower unit price, more traffic resources, and cheaper traffic charge after exceeding the limit. At the same time, you also have the privileges of family network’s Changda discount and vice card’s voice traffic sharing. For 5g business, you can get 20GB personal cloud storage products, DIY’s own exclusive video RBT, and enjoy 4K / 8K ultra high definition, immersive, high fluency video service Frequent experience In addition, Ningbo Mobile has 10 5g application boutique experience halls in the city, which can provide the general public with a close experience of the latest 5g applications at any time, attracting many users to call 5g “above”.

It is worth mentioning that the audience of these 5g trendy experiences and exclusive rights also include middle-aged and elderly people. In May this year, Ningbo mobile, together with the Municipal Association of science and technology, the Municipal Bureau of veteran cadres of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Bureau of education and other units, jointly carried out the popularization project of smart phone operation skills for middle-aged and elderly people in Ningbo, promoted the training classes to enter business halls, universities for the elderly, communities and villages and towns, and launched online and offline synchronous teaching on mobile broadband TV, so as to make middle-aged and elderly people feel 5g wisdom The convenience of life. According to the relevant person in charge of Ningbo mobile, among the top 1 million mobile 5g mobile phone users in Ningbo, more than 80000 are middle-aged and elderly groups, truly realizing the “sunset red” of 5g.

5g not only benefits the people, promotes information consumption and economic growth, but also benefits enterprises and governments, helps the construction of smart city and promotes social digital transformation. In the five aspects of technology, network, application, operation and ecology, Ningbo mobile aims to be a model student of 5g development. It has made brilliant achievements in these “five leading” aspects, and constantly innovates and sets new milestones. This announcement that 5g mobile phone users exceed 1 million is a new achievement in the aspect of operation leading.

It is understood that Ningbo Mobile has given full play to its leading advantages in network, and achieved a number of “No.1” 5g in the whole province. In terms of technology leadership, the average download rate of 5g network in urban road test is the first in China. At present, the end-to-end one-way delay can reach 3.5ms, which is the leading in China. At the same time, it is also the world’s first to conduct 5gsa network slicing pilot, and the first to deploy MEC in China. In terms of application leadership, more than 100 innovative applications are promoted, and more than 40 are released, creating a national standard In the aspect of ecological leadership, we should cultivate the industrial chain in the four major fields of chbn (personal market, family market, government and enterprise market, and emerging market), expand the “circle of friends”, promote the convergence of 5g industrial forces in Ningbo, and strive to make Ningbo a better place To build a city with the best 5g ecology.

5g integrates into all industries and serves the public. “As a” national team “enterprise in Ningbo in the field of information and communication, Ningbo mobile will continue to do a good job in the construction of 5g infrastructure, strengthen the deep integration of 5g and other information technology with the real economy, continuously consolidate the” five leading “advantages, be a good model student of Ningbo 5g development, ensure that Ningbo 5g development continues to take the lead in the country, and provide strong support for the construction and development of digital Ningbo.” Xu mengqiang, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager, said.

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