Recently, the digital currency of the central bank has become a hot topic on the Internet, followed by the big action of UnionPay. On August 31, China UnionPay, together with commercial banks, mobile phone manufacturers, key cooperative merchants and Payment institutions, released the first digital bank * card – “UnionPay unbounded card”, which provides users with a new generation of payment experience through a series of simple operations of mobile phone app.

NFC flash payment technology will quickly integrate into the field of payment and play a very important role

“Digital bank card” has the credit endorsement of China UnionPay, which is authoritative, safe and irreplaceable. Let’s look at the four outstanding features of UnionPay boundless card

Multiple payment methods: user consumption, cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer, mobile phone flash payment, bar code payment and other diversified payment needs; support the integration of card and code: mobile phone can access unlimited flash payment card and two-dimensional code of unlimited card with one key, and choose mobile phone flash payment or two-dimensional code payment at will; ensure payment security: through payment tagging, channel encryption, real-time risk control and other technologies, the bank * card number, validity and other information can be accessed Carry out real-time protection in the whole process to ensure the security of users’ funds and information.

Realize interconnection: users can choose to push digital bank * cards to payment scenarios such as e-commerce, public transportation, mobile wallet, etc. with rich exclusive rights and interests, such as recharge, repayment, discount, popular member rights exchange, etc., to build a multi platform interconnected digital payment ecology.

Although digital money will change the age of paper money, if the mode of emerging currency is in the form of two-dimensional code payment, it is obvious that this cake is not big because Alipay and micro * have split up 90% of the mobile payment market. Therefore, on the basis of integrating the existing two-dimensional code payment, the more convenient payment method of digital currency matching becomes particularly important. Hu haozhong, vice president of China UnionPay, said: we have made a perfect combination of QR code payment, mobile phone flash payment and online payment.

Two dimensional code and online payment methods are very familiar to everyone. Mobile phone flash payment is touch payment. Although it is not popular at present, many people have experienced its convenience. When the screen is off, even if the network is cut off or the power is off, you can touch to complete the flash payment. This payment method based on NFC near-field communication technology is expected to replace two-dimensional code payment method in the future. This is the launch of digital silver * card, which also marks that NFC flash payment will shine in the field of mobile payment in the future.

At the same time, in the field of access, NFC function has been more popular, which also creates a good market environment for NFC flash payment function to quickly integrate into the payment field. After making the door open to connect with Huawei mobile wallet and successfully connect with NFC function, a virtual access card can be generated through a few simple steps on the mobile terminal. In this virtual process, no physical card is needed. This “no card simulation” way, digital bank card and NFC access card have the same effect.

Of course, for digital bank cards, the entrance is more diversified. Users can not only apply for, bind and use cards through mobile wallet, but also through cloud flash payment app, commercial bank app and other channels; 17 national commercial banks, some regional banks and Internet banks will join the first batch of pilot projects.

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