The full range of products covers a wide range of applications from 1.8V to 75V

Nijmegen, January 27, 2021: Nexperia, a high-capacity production expert in the field of basic semiconductor components, today announced the launch of a full range of low current regulator diodes. The 50 µ a zener diode series provides three different surface mount (SMD) packaging options, using ultra small discrete flat pinless (DFN) packaging and devices conforming to aec-q101 standard, providing customers with more choices and flexibility. These high efficiency diodes are used at low test current (50 μ A) It is very suitable for low bias current and portable battery powered devices in mobile, wearable, automotive and industrial applications.

Paula St ü mer, product manager of Nexperia, said: “dfn1006bd-2 package device is equipped with wettable tin solder side and wettable tin pad (SWF), which solves many problems such as size, performance and tolerance. It has a wide range of applications. We provide 50 products using DFN technology μ A zener diode portfolio supports a wide voltage range from 1.8V to 75V. These devices can also be packaged in pin SMD for customers to choose flexibly. “

Each package option has 40 new types, with a nominal operating voltage range of 1.8V to 75V. The series provides SOT23 (bzx8450), sod323 (bzx38450) and sod523 (bzx58550) ultra-thin surface mount packages, as well as pinless dfn1006bd-2 (bzx8850s) packages. The non repetitive reverse peak power consumption of Zener diode is ≤ 40 W, the total power consumption is ≤ 300 MW, and the dynamic resistance is low. Zener diodes can also be used to provide Q product combination devices, which comply with aec-q101 and ISO / TS16949 automotive quality standards. More and more non automotive applications require additional quality related services, such as PPAP (production part approval process) and longer supply plans, which can be met by the above Q product combination devices.

DFN compact package size (1.0 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.47 mm) is suitable for replacing the large-size pin package on PCB, which can save up to 60% space. The device is equipped with wettable solder pad (SWF), which can ensure that the solder flows along the side of the chip when welding on the PCB. The technology supports automatic optical inspection (AOI) to ensure that it meets the high safety and reliability quality requirements of the automotive industry. The P (TOT) value of DFN encapsulated zener diode is higher and the operating temperature is lower than that of pin devices, so it can improve the reliability of the system.

Nexperia continues to increase investment in developing new technologies and improving internal capacity. Samples of 50 µ a zener diodes are now available and have been put into mass production.

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