Dfn2020d-6 device conforming to aec-q101 standard can save 90% PCB space;Solderability side enables automatic optical inspection (AOI) and improves reliability.

Nijmegen, October 12, 2020: Nexperia, a high-capacity production expert in the field of semiconductor basic components, announced the launch of a series of new LED drivers, which are packaged with dfn2020d-6 (sot118d), which can effectively save space. LED Driver with solderable side (SWF) to facilitate AOI (automatic optical inspection) and improve reliability. This is the first time that LED drivers have adopted this beneficial package. The new mass-produced products without pins are added to the already mass-produced products with pins to provide a wider product portfolio. Compared with sot223, the new products have the same performance and reduce the PCB space by 90%.

The newly launched dfn2020d-6 LED driver adopts NPN and PNP technology. The pin size is only 2x2mm and the overall dimension is 0.65mm. The device has an output current of 250mA (ncr32x model) and a maximum supply voltage of 75V. Their high thermal power performance is no lower than that of LED drivers with other packages.

The device can not only realize AOI, which is very important to automotive customers, but also improve reliability. Compared with devices without solderable side, devices with solderable side are more resistant to shear force, more flexible and not easy to fracture.

Frank matschullat, Nexperia product group manager, commented: “the new device with SWF and dfn2020d package solves the problems of size, performance and robustness. The device is very suitable for general lighting, white appliances and automobiles. Nexperia is committed to providing a variety of discrete device product combinations using DFN technology, so it is natural for LED drivers to adopt this rugged and space-saving package. Of course, the device will also adopt pin SMD packaging, and customers can choose according to their own needs. “

Four dfn2020d-6 LED drivers have entered the stage of mass production.

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