The product range is comprehensive, covering various applications from 1.8V to 75V.

Nijmegen, November 17, 2021: Nexperia, a high-capacity production expert in the field of basic semiconductor components, today announced the launch of the first a-selection zener diodes in the industry. The tolerance of bzt52h-a (sod123f) and bzx384-a (sod323) series is only ± 1%, which can provide higher precision reference voltage compared with B (± 2%) and C (± 5%). These two series can not only meet the growing needs and regulatory requirements of mobile, portable and wearable applications, automotive and industrial applications, but also support Q product portfolio devices.

“Nexperia’s a-selection zener diode covers a wide range of applications from 1.8V to 75V, providing high-precision and low tolerance reference voltage,” said Paula St ü mer, Nexperia’s product manager, “If the limiting voltage is applied to the gate source path or drain gate path, or more kinds of suitable MOSFETs are selected, and a-selection zener diode with pad compatibility is used instead of B – or c-selection, engineers can maximize the performance of MOSFETs.”

The normal operating voltage range of a-selection zener diode is 1.8V to 75V (E24 range). The non repetitive reverse peak power consumption of these devices is ≤ 40W, the total power consumption is ≤ 250MW, and the differential thermal resistance is low. Low tolerance can provide higher precision voltage, which is particularly critical for application testing and measurement, and can help engineers replace higher cost voltage reference devices. Another alternative is more economical than direct protection MOSFET, that is, the drain gate path is connected in parallel with the zener diode. After the zener diode is broken down, the MOSFET is turned on immediately to prevent avalanche breakdown of drain source.

A-selection zener diode can also be used in Q product combination devices, which meets aec-q101 and ISO / TS16949 automotive quality standards. These standards focus on meeting the pressure test qualification of automobile original equipment manufacturers and the requirements of quality management system. At the same time, customer demand continues to develop, and more and more non automotive applications require additional quality related services, such as production part approval process (PPAP) and longer supply planning. Another difference between these standard devices and Q product combination devices is the period of product change notice (PCN), which is extended from 90 days to 180 days according to JEDEC’s requirements. In addition, the supply plan of all parts is at least 10 years and the warranty period is more than two years.

Nexperia continues to invest more in technology and internal capacity. Samples of a-selection zener diodes are now available and have been put into mass production.

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