The new device has passed aec-q101 certification, supports voltage up to 100 V and current up to 20 A, has low switching loss and increased safe working area

Nijmegen, May 10, 2021: Nexperia, an expert in the field of basic semiconductor devices, announced the expansion of its trench Schottky rectifier product portfolio and the latest launch of new devices with rated voltage and current up to 100 V and 20 a respectively, with excellent switching performance and leading thermal performance. The new device adopts Nexperia’s clip flat power (CFP) package, and the pin size is much smaller than that of SMA / SMB / SMC devices.

Trench process can greatly reduce the qrr charge stored in the device while reducing the leakage current. Therefore, trench Schottky rectifier can achieve ultra fast switching speed, which can not only reduce the switching loss of rectifier, but also reduce the loss of MOSFET in the same commutation unit (this configuration is usually used for asynchronous switching mode power converter). Nexperia’s pmegxxtx device also provides a wide safe working area (SOA), which has greater safety margin and can reduce the risk of thermal runaway compared with the current commercially available devices.

Jan Fischer, Nexperia product manager, pointed out: “Nexperia’s trench Schottky rectifier combines the advantages of reduced forward voltage and extremely low qrr, so as to achieve the best efficiency while providing the high switching speed required by the switching mode power converter. Many automotive applications, including LED lighting, will benefit from the wide safe working area provided by our devices. “

Nexperia is increasing its investment in trench Schottky rectifier product portfolio. At present, 31 devices have been put into mass production, covering the rated range of 40 V to 100 V and up to 15 a. Another 17 devices (including several 20 a devices) are under sample evaluation. The pmegxxtx device is packaged in wafer flatpower (cfp3 / 5 / 15 (b)). This diode has become the industry standard for space saving and high thermal efficiency. The clip flatpower package adopts solid copper clip, which can reduce the thermal resistance, better transmit the heat to the surrounding environment, and make the PCB smaller and more compact.

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