Nijmegen, April 27, 2022: Nexperia, a high-capacity production expert in the field of basic semiconductor components, today announced the launch of new products in its discrete device series. The new devices are packaged in pinless DFN and equipped with side wettable pads (SWF). These devices are rugged and space-saving, helping to meet the application needs of the next generation of intelligent electric vehicles. All Nexperia product lines are aec-q101 compliant, including:

·Bc817qbh-q and bc807qbh-q series 45V 500mA npn/npn universal triode in dfn1110d-3 package.

·Bat32ls-q and bat42ls-q universal Schottky diodes in dfn1006bd-2 package.

·Bas21ls-q high-speed switching diode in dfn1006bd-2 package is adopted.

·Pdta143/114/124/144eqb-q series 50V 100mA PNP with resistance triode (RET) product series in dfn1110d-3 package.

·2n7002kqb (60V, n-channel trench MOSFET) and bss84akqb (50V, p-channel trench MOSFET) in dfn1110d-3 package are used.

Nowadays, more and more electronic components are used in new vehicles, and the demand for circuit board space increases accordingly. Compared with SOT23 package, pinless DFN package can save 90% of the space, which helps to reduce the space demand for circuit board. Side wettable pads provide reliable automatic optical inspection (AOI) of solder joint quality. Nexperia’s DFN package has excellent heat dissipation performance and high PTOT value. It is the most robust product that has passed the industry’s extended life and reliability tests.

Mark roeloffzen, senior vice president and general manager of Nexperia bipolar discrete device business department, said: “Nexperia took the lead in developing the DFN package with wet pad on the side. Now it can provide a series of small pinless packaged discrete devices that meet the aec-q101 standard. At present, more than 460 different large quantities of devices have been sealed with the recently released dfn1412d-3, dfn1110d-3 and dfn1006bd-2. Nexperia has introduced more devices with small packages to provide more opportunities for design engineers to help them create future oriented designs, Play a role in future mobile applications. This new technology has been successful with the adoption and investment of major tier one suppliers in the automotive industry in the design. “

Samples of new devices are now available and mass production has begun recently. For more information, including product specifications and data manuals, please visit www.nexperia com/automotiveDFN

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