In the past, UAV was only the exclusive “artifact” of a small number of professional photographers and aircraft model lovers. However, at present, the application field of UAV is becoming wider and wider. UAV can be seen in almost all scenes such as environmental monitoring, disaster rescue, agricultural planting, epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, electric power inspection and so on.

With the increasing maturity and enrichment of UAV product technology, UAV has attracted the attention of all walks of life because of its advantages of low altitude flight, low cost, flexibility, strong wind resistance and rapid response. Especially in recent years, UAV has become a powerful helper for outdoor environment operation, and its application is showing more and more possibilities. But at the same time, the application of UAV also brings new problems to users.

Newman outdoor power supply can solve the endurance problem of UAV

Because outdoor work sometimes takes a whole day, but the capacity of the UAV’s own battery is often insufficient, so it is difficult to really play the powerful role of UAV. But don’t worry, Newman outdoor power can come in handy when the UAV power supply is insufficient.

According to different application requirements, Newman subdivides a variety of outdoor power supplies with power ranging from 150W to 2000W, with complete product lines and wide application coverage. In addition to its large capacity, it also integrates many advantages, has a powerful output configuration, and supports 220V pure sine wave output, USB output, DC output, cigarette lighter power supply, etc. 220V sine wave AC output port supports maximum 2000W output; The USB output port supports pd45w fast charging and has a very fast charging speed, which can directly power the UAV. At the same time, the equipment also supports solar charging panels, which can quickly charge the energy storage power supply. After the dual solar panels are connected in parallel, the charging power is greater and the charging speed is faster, which can meet the needs of more power supply scenarios. In addition to supplying power for UAV, Newman outdoor power supply can also supply power for other load equipment, special instruments for outdoor operation, analytical instruments and personal communication equipment. It can also be compatible with more than 80% ~ 90% of household electrical equipment, meeting people’s indoor and outdoor charging needs in an all-round way. Equipped with high-definition display screen, it can provide parameters such as residual power, voltage and current, which is convenient for users to judge the current working condition.

In terms of safety performance, Newman outdoor power supply adopts automobile power grade lithium battery cell, which has small volume, large capacity, green and environmental protection, and can output stable AC 220V voltage. The appearance combines the high-strength metal integrated body, which is firm and durable. It adopts PC and fireproof plastic materials, which is earthquake resistant, fall resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is not afraid of high temperature and cold environment, and prolongs the service life of the battery. Moreover, the handle design is used at the top, which makes it comfortable to carry on the hand. You can easily take it away as soon as you carry it, which is very convenient to carry outdoors; In addition, the outdoor power supply also has a built-in intelligent chip to provide up to eight protection functions, including low current protection, temperature protection, over discharge protection, over-voltage protection, battery protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and fan protection, so as to ensure the accurate start-up protection function in case of accident. Taking it out can make you feel more at ease and be ready for sudden accidents.

At present, the UAV industry is expected to be good. As a professional and mature brand of outdoor portable power supply, Newman further emphasizes the practicability and safety of the product. Its outdoor power supply will provide stronger power for UAV outdoor operation and make the flight more lasting and enjoyable!

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