In addition to the news that Mercedes Benz C has not been updated this year, the new BMW 3 series has been upgraded and returned. Then Audi officially released the overseas official map of 2020 Audi A4 and several derivative models. This time, the interior and exterior decoration and power of A4 family models have been upgraded and adjusted to improve the full coverage of the new family design concept of Audi brand models. Let’s have a look.

As a mid-term modified model, the appearance of the new car still changes significantly. First, the design of the front face is more sporty, the grille becomes shorter and wider, and the height of the big mouth is also reduced. The chrome plated middle net on the cash model is replaced with black, the shape of the fog lamp area is also changed, the daytime running lights are replaced with dot matrix horizontal arrangement, and the top configuration adopts matrix LED technology, with full-automatic high beam, which looks very radical, With the new shapes on both sides of the bumper, it highlights the sense of movement and attack of the whole front.

The old model mainly emphasizes the deep sense and three-dimensional sense. On this basis, the new Audi adds chrome plated trim strips and silver lower guard plates, and adopts straight waterfall chrome plated grille to emphasize the breath of movement. While the s version adds black / Silver Ring decoration to achieve the effect of “tusk” and adopts honeycomb mesh grille. But no matter what kind of design, it well reflects the meaning of its positioning.

In terms of interior design, there are not many changes on the whole. One highlight of the new car is that the 10.1-inch MMI screen equipped with the new car finally supports the touch function and adds sound feedback. The system menu can also be customized according to user preferences, while the original MMI touch panel is cancelled and the position of the touch panel is replaced with the storage box design. At the same time, the 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel further includes oil quantity and water temperature, and provides three different UI styles to choose from.

From the side of the body, the new Audi A4 has been adjusted on the shoulder line and waist line. It adopts the latest family design language and double waist line design, which makes the side of the whole vehicle have a three-dimensional and sporty feeling. The rim is also updated with a new style, which is close to the tail of the car towards a fine and sharp style. The shape of the new car in the tail lamp group is also upgraded. The new LED light source design is very similar to the Audi A6 in style and looks cooler with blackening treatment. In addition, the new Audi A4 is upgraded at the rear bumper. The newly designed rear bumper retains the real air inlet to ensure a certain sense of motion.

In terms of power system, the modified A4 European model will provide four adjustments of 1.4T, 2.0T and 2.0tdi engines, all equipped with light mixing capacity based on 12V power supply system, matched with 6mt or 7dct gearbox, and ultra Quattro 4WD can be selected. S4 provides 3.0T FSI and TDI engines. The latter is matched with 48V micro hybrid, with maximum power of 260kw and 255kw respectively, and peak torque of 500 N · m and 700 n · M. in addition, 7-speed s tronic and 8-speed tiptronic automatic transmissions are used as standard configurations. 100 km acceleration, 4.8 seconds for diesel version and 4.7 seconds for gasoline version. The extreme speed is limited to 250km / h.

Finally, as for the A4 made in China in the future, it may continue to adopt the 2.0T four cylinder engine of the third generation EA888. As far as the domestic market is concerned, although the current sales volume of Audi A4L is ahead of BMW 3 series and Mercedes Benz C-class, it does not have an overwhelming advantage. Although the new Audi A4 does not know when to make it domestic, it can still achieve good results with its popularity in China after entering the domestic market in the future.

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