The future has come, but it is not yet popular.

In 1913, Ford Motor Company began to use the first guided vehicle with track; In the 1950s, many types of rail guided transport vehicles appeared; In the 1980s, mobile robots guided by inertia and magnetic stripe emerged, serving the industries of tobacco, automobile, medicine, household appliances and so on.

In 2012, Amazon announced the acquisition of Kiva. This historic event shocked the mobile robot industry and brought earth shaking changes to the e-commerce logistics system.

With the attraction of the new concept, a large number of technical teams and entrepreneurs focused on the benchmarking Kiva robot, which gave birth to a number of excellent domestic enterprises for a time, frequently favored by capital, and the products started rapidly.

Under the action of capital, coupled with the development of computer technology, artificial intelligence and robot technology, the mobile robot guided by vision and laser reflector continues to iterate rapidly. At the same time, unmanned mobile robots in complex scenes have also ushered in rapid development in recent years. New players, new products and new technologies are emerging.

Since the birth of the new generation of mobile robots, they have the revolutionary temperament of innovation and the courage to fight to the death. In the past 2019, we clearly found that the financing of the mobile robot industry showed a trend of high opening and low going, and the funds began to flow to excellent head enterprises running faster, “Matthew effect” ” First appeared.

Products, scenes, customers and markets are gradually stratified, and the horse racing mechanism is more cruel.

When mobile robots shuttle between production lines and connect various factories and warehouses; When the mobile robot is responsible for material picking and warehousing in the warehouse; When the mobile robot is busy in the hospital to transport medical equipment, drugs and protective articles; When meituan,, Amazon, tmall and other major e-commerce logistics companies launch unmanned distribution schemes based on mobile robots; Mobile robot “employees” can be seen in scenes such as hotel meal delivery, park cleaning, security inspection and construction site plate handling ” When

We realize that the wind starts at the end of the green duckweed and the waves become between the small waves. Perhaps when we create robots, robots are really changing us.

In 2020, the mobile robot market is ushering in a new round of demand release. “Upstart” ” And “Lao GUI” ” It is merging in the competition, and new species are breeding. The full scene application of mobile robot in the future is becoming possible.

When the reporter has been immersed in the vertical industrial chain of industrial robots for six years, we hope to leave the far shore and go into the deep sea. We pull out the category of mobile robots to have an in-depth insight into the moving details and moments.

Because all values are locked in a subdivided vertical scene.

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