March 5, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, launched a new risc-v resource page specifically introducing open source instruction set architecture (ISA).

Because risc-v is not limited by proprietary architecture standards, it provides a great degree of freedom for scalable hardware and software. Open source ISA is a key factor for the sustainable development of innovative technologies such as 5g, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IOT). Risc-v is supported by a global community that shares open source ideas.

Trade Ze’s new risc-v resource website provides a series of innovative application articles on the technology, such as AI face detection connected to the Internet, open source security and flexible processor design. The website also discusses some key strategies used in risc-v development, and provides video and product information of risc-v Development Suite.

Mao Ze provides a variety of risc-v-based devices, including microchip technology polyarfire socfpgacicle suite, a low-cost platform that can provide reliable computing for industrial automation, Internet of things devices and automotive applications, and Terasic technologies T-core fpgamax10 development board, a powerful hardware design platform that supports protocol bridging, analog-to-digital conversion and motor control drive.

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