In recent years, with the development of emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, more and more diversified portable consumer electronic products have entered consumers’ lives, which have also brought rich application experience. The reliability requirements of applications are also continuously increasing.
Taking the application of a smart watch bracelet as an example, the adapter output is connected to the host through the pogo pin of the charging base for charging. In order to prevent the exposed pogo pin from being damaged by short circuit, the charging base is often added with Fuse for overcurrent and short circuit protection; while the host In order to realize the protection of surge protection and hot-plugging of the port, an independent OVP&OCP chip will also be added to the port.
In order to improve the port protection reliability of products, Siyuan Semiconductor launched the OVP&OCP port protection IC SY5321 with integrated eFuse function. Highly integrated OVP & OCP IC. The SY5321 is applied to the front end of the charging circuit or low voltage system to avoid the lithium battery or low voltage system from being affected by abnormal input faults, and can withstand abnormal input voltages up to 30V.
When the input voltage is greater than the overvoltage protection threshold, the IC will quickly turn off the internal MOSFET within 50nS to prevent the back-end low-voltage system from being affected by an abnormally high input voltage; the IC can limit the input current through the resistance connected to the ground by ILIM to prevent the low-voltage system from being damaged. The input current is too large; at the same time, when the IC detects that the chip temperature exceeds the over-temperature protection threshold, it will also turn off the MOSFET and stop the power supply. When the SY5321 is controlled by the processor, the host can obtain the working state of the IC through the FLT state.
SY5321 Product Features
● 30V input withstand voltage
● High precision input overvoltage protection
● Input OVP protection shutdown is less than 50nS
● Soft start to suppress inrush current
● Support current output capability up to 3A
● External resistor to set OCP, ±10% accuracy
● Support EFUSE application
● Thermal shutdown
● EN enable function
● FLT status indication
● DFN-2×2-8L package
(SY5321 typical application diagram – port input protection)
(SY5321 Typical Application Diagram – eFuse Application)
Typical applications of SY5321 include but are not limited to portable electronic products such as smart watches, wristbands, TWS headset charging compartments, MP3 players, and mobile phones.

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