This morning, according to the official news of glory smart life, the glory Bracelet 5 has online music control function, which can switch music and adjust volume.

New music control function is added in glory Bracelet 5, which can switch music and adjust volume

Glory Smart Life official micro blog said, National Day is coming, please give me a music control function. Come on, come on ~ glory Bracelet 5 music control function online! You can switch music and adjust volume as you like; You can operate it by lifting your wrist. You don’t have to stop to look at the phone.

It is understood that the resolution of glory Bracelet 5 is 240 × 120, PPI was 282; Using 0.95 inch AMOLED magic color screen, one screen displays up to 45 characters. It adopts 2.5D curved glass, supports full screen touch control, and the dial can be easily replaced. In terms of battery life, the official said that the battery life was up to 14 days at a time.

Glory Bracelet 5 supports intelligent measurement of SpO2, and can detect SpO2 at any time to master the changes of your body. In addition, the glory Bracelet 5 features 50 meters waterproof, swimmers recognition, six axis sensors, 10 motion modes and support for Alipay offline payment.

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