The new module management controller (MMC) board management reference design (BMR) entry-level tool suite based on Actel smartfusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA is introduced by pigeon point systems (PPS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Actel Corporation. Smartfusion is the only device that integrates FPGA, microcontroller subsystem (MSS) based on armcortex-m3 processor and programmable analog resources. The new tool suite can realize MMC in advanced MC (AMC) module, and can be used in advanced TCA (ATCA) carrier board and MicroTCA (μ TCA) rack, which are collectively referred to as xTCA.

This tool suite integrates the compatibility, interoperability and fast response support of pigeon point systems products, as well as the unique intelligent mixed signal characteristics of smartfusion devices based on flash technology, which can shorten the customer design cycle and enable designers to focus on the differentiation of AMC module products. All along, Aite has provided its customers with such comprehensive solutions, further enhancing its commitment to support the large-scale adoption of xTCA by global telecom equipment manufacturers.

New MMC management solution based on Actel smartfusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA

The latest solution of pigeon point systems provides a complete hardware and firmware solution with sufficient documentation and technical support. The company has an outstanding track record in providing a wide range of hardware platform management applications to the most demanding telecom equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. Now, using the new mmcbmr entry-level tool suite based on smartfusion chip, pigeon point systems provides another powerful solution for xTCA system designers.

Compared with other core chips used in xTCA management controller, smartfusion expands many important functions of xTCA management controller, including:

-The customizability brought by the built-in flash FPGA can integrate the board level special logic into the smartfusion chip, reduce the occupied area and reduce the cost. In addition, Aite’s rich IP module library also provides a variety of corresponding IP modules, which can be integrated into the FPGA architecture to add hardware logic peripherals when needed.

-The 32-bit armcortex-m3 core works at 40MHz here, providing higher processor performance.

-The advanced analog processing function does not add any load to the arm processor, and realizes xTCA sensing analog sensor monitoring. In the programmable analog subsystem, the analog sensors of xTCA and other analog sensors can be configured and processed in a unified way.

The kit also includes an AMC based development board for desktop management controllers, which means it can be plugged into any AMC compatible slot. In addition, the tool suite integrates the complete smartfusion FPGA design, all firmware (including the complete C language source code for the management controller code and development tools), rich documentation, and production licenses required for designers to design and sell ATCA products. There are two types of tool suite: one is suitable for customers who choose to use ATCA desktop environment for development, and the other is for enterprises who choose to use μ TCA desktop environment for development. No matter which environment is chosen and designed according to AMC specification, the AMC of customers can be compatible with ATCA or the operation level board of μ TCA.

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