The 5g era is coming to us, but many people still wonder: what is 5g? Let’s make a simple example. If 1g is compared to walking, 2G is equivalent to a bicycle, 3G is driving a car, 4G is equivalent to high-speed rail, and 5g is equivalent to getting on a plane! Therefore, the arrival of 5g era means that our life will be redefined, such as medical treatment.

New medical in 5g era remote consultation with VR glasses

Holographic projection and remote consultation. In the past, we only saw such high-tech medical methods in science fiction movies, but with the advent of 5g era, all these will become a reality. This is not true. Recently, a 5g intelligent first aid command platform has appeared in Hangzhou.There is no need to arrive at the scene. The expert only needs to wear a VR eye and stand in front of the 5g intelligent first aid command platform to see the real-time panorama in the ambulance and fully grasp the patient’s first aid.

Under the new medical conditions of 5g era, the medical staff on the car can communicate with the experts in the hospital in real time at any time, which has won valuable time for some critically ill patients!

New medical in 5g era remote consultation with VR glasses

Moreover, using 5g technology, UAVs can also help patients safely transport blood. In addition, doctors can also operate remote ultrasound systems. Even patients thousands of miles away can enjoy the same medical security as in the hospital! In the 5g era, doctors can not only consult remotely, but also cooperate with surgery remotely! Recently, experts from Beijing and Shenzhen completed an operation with 5g technical support.

With the help of 5g network, this operation spans nearly 2000 kilometers, realizing 5g remote cooperative operation control. At the same time, the success of the operation also opens a new world of new medical treatment in the 5g era.

The fastest speed of physical movement in the universe is the speed of light, but some things are faster than the speed of light. It can arrive instantaneously, that is compassion, empathy and love. You see, don’t we immediately feel the care of these medical workers and scientific researchers for patients, their enthusiasm for technology and their sense of responsibility for their career?

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