Nippon wireless has successfully reduced the propagation delay fluctuation of the rail to rail input comparator caused by input signal variation to one tenth of the previous level (industry leading level * 1).

Whether it is vehicle electronic equipment, industrial equipment, or household appliances, comparator will be used to detect analog signal level in various electronic and electrical equipment. With the advancement of low-carbon society, the working power supply voltage gradually requires low voltage, and the demand of rail to rail input comparator is also rising.

Our newly developed loop technology, dynamic transient stabilizer TM, enables rail to rail input to suppress propagation delay variations, thus expanding the product portfolio to meet market requirements.

*1: Nju77250 products, the company’s survey results up to July 2020

[what is dynamic transient stabilizerTM

With dynamic transient stabilizerTMIdeal rail to rail input comparator

In the past, when the input signal level of the general rail to rail input comparator changes, the propagation delay of one of its important characteristics will fluctuate by 44%, so it may not be able to process the signal at the desired speed.

In the product development stage, the propagation delay variation must be considered as the design margin, which increases the design trouble. With the dynamic transient stabilizer TM loop technology, all the input range signals can get stable response.

For previous applications using rail to rail input comparators, the new series of Nippon wireless products are conducive to reducing the evaluation and design man hours of propagation delay under various reference voltages.

New Japan wireless

[rail to rail input comparator series with dynamic transient stabilizer TM]

The comparator of Nippon wireless has a wide range of products, no matter from 0.6ua ultra-low current consumption to 42nsec high-speed response, or in the number of circuits, output types and so on.

Comparator series products with rail to rail input

2 * 2: PP: push pull, OD: open leak

[product features]

1. Large output current can reduce the number of peripheral circuit components

Nju77250 can output 65mA current.

In addition, although nju77212 (under development) has 0.6ua ultra-low current consumption, it can also output 50mA high current.

Only comparator can directly drive LED and relay, and can save the material cost, circuit board area and design time of external driving parts.

2. High EMI suppression characteristic design

Nju77230 achieves high EMI suppression performance with emirr = 62db typ. @ f = 900MHz.

In addition, nju77212 (under development) also achieves high EMI suppression characteristics * 4 with the industry-leading level of emirr = 100dB typ.

Therefore, in order to improve the EMI suppression characteristics, it is no longer necessary to use capacitors and resistors and other filter components. Moreover, it contributes to high reliability design and reducing design time.

*4: Nju77212 products, the company’s survey results up to July 2020

3. Input voltage withstand function

When the input voltage exceeds the supply voltage, the built-in protection circuit of nju77212 (under development) will play a role in protecting the rear circuit safety and preventing the electrical equipment from making mistakes. Therefore, the protection devices such as diodes used before can be eliminated. It has contributed to the failure safety design and the reduction of design time.

With superior temperature stability, it is most suitable for on-board equipment and industrial equipment

In the temperature characteristic of nju77250, the propagation delay is 0.05ns / ° C for the ambient temperature, and the temperature coefficient of input offset voltage is 0.8uv / ° C, which reduces the detection error.

These characteristics are most suitable for the application of on-board equipment and industrial equipment which require stable and rapid response characteristics in the environment of large temperature change.


Over voltage detection, over current detection, overheat detection and other protection circuits

Window comparator

LED driver

Relay drive

All electronic and electrical equipment

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