New Japan wireless’s latest development conforms to aec-q100, VDA and other automotive electronic certification standardsGNSS RF front-end module njg1159phh-a began mass production.

Njg1159phh-a, a newly developed RF front-end module for vehicle electronics, has entered the mass production stage. The product works in the 1.5GHz band and can correspond to the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo. This product conforms to aec-q100 and other automotive electronic certification standards.


In recent years, with the popularity of vehicle computer system, GNSS and other applications in the vehicle market, wireless communication applications are increasing. As a result, the requirements of vehicle specifications and reducing the actual area of vehicle electronic products are higher and higher.

In GNSS applications, the GNSS signal transmitted by satellite is relatively weak. In order to improve the receiving sensitivity, it is necessary to use filter to eliminate the interference electromagnetic wave from various communication equipment, and then use LNA to amplify the GNSS signal. Therefore, GNSS module is required to save space, and the requirements for module products are higher and higher.

In order to meet these requirements, we have developed this vehicle level GNSS RF front-end module njg1159phh-a.

Njg1159phh-a uses SAW filter to eliminate interference electromagnetic wave, and uses LNA with low noise figure (NF: Noise Figure) to amplify GNSS signal, so the receiving sensitivity is improved. Small and thin package is also used to reduce the actual area. This product meets the aec-q100 vehicle electronic certification standard, and also meets the quality management system audit VDA6.3 of VDA. In addition, according to the requirements, it can also deal with the production part approval process (PPAP).

[product features]

The receiving sensitivity of GNSS signal is improved

The saw filter with low loss and high out of band rejection can eliminate the interference electromagnetic wave.

LNA with low noise figure (NF: Noise Figure) can amplify GNSS signal.

Because saw filter with low loss and high out of band rejection and LNA with low NF are installed, the weak GNSS signal transmitted from the satellite will not be hidden in the interference electromagnetic wave and can be amplified with low noise. It contributes to improving the receiving sensitivity, positioning accuracy and positioning time of GNSS signal.

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High reliability and small package

Generally speaking, the package size of the saw filter unit is 3.0 x 3.0 mm. This product combines SAW filter and LNA, adopts high reliability and small hermetic package, its size is only 1.5×1.1mm, which is conducive to reducing the actual installation area.

Vehicle electronic specifications

Meet aec-q100 Level 2 and VDA6.3 standards, and also be able to cope with PPAP.

[product performance]

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[product appearance]


For receiving GNSS signal of automotive electronics

· GNSS active antenna

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