Ultra wideband SPDT RF switch njg1801bkgc-a newly developed by Nippon wirelessIt conforms to aec-q100grade1, VDA and other on-board specifications.

New Japan wireless has recently developed an ultra wideband SPDT RF switch njg1801bkgc-a for vehicle applications, which has officially entered the mass production stage. The RF products meet various automotive electronic certification standards such as aec-q100.


In recent years, the application of car remote keyless entry (RKE) has not only used the previous sub GHz band (i.e. the frequency is less than 1GHz, 27MHz ~ 960MHz), but also further explored how to use the 2.4GHz low-power Bluetooth ble (Bluetooth low energy) for the next generation smartcar access or the 8.5ghz ultra wideband (ultra wideband) to upgrade the new security Security system.

In order to achieve solid welding and import automatic visual inspection device in the actual assembly engineering of automotive electronic components, the chip lead spacing is often required to be more than 0.5mm, and the wettableflag * packaging structure is required.

It is necessary to comply with the vehicle specification aec-q100. In addition, there are some places to be installed with high temperature, so the chip will be required to withstand 125 ℃.

In order to meet these stringent requirements, we have developed the ultra wideband SPDT RF switch njg1801bkgc-a which meets the aec-q100grade1 automotive electronic certification standard (working temperature between – 40 ℃ and + 125 ℃).

Njg1801bkgc-a has good characteristics in a very wide frequency range from sub GHz to 8.5ghz, and the lead spacing of the package is 0.5mm, and it is a wettable flange * package structure, so it is easy to use and import into the automatic appearance inspection device.

Njg1801bkgc-a meets the requirements of aec-q100grade1 automotive electronic certification standard, and has passed the requirements of VDA6.3 of the process audit of automotive industry quality standards formulated by the German Federation of automotive industries (VDA). PPAP documents can be submitted even according to customer requirements.

*Wettableblank molding technology: the technology of electroplating on the side of the lead frame

[product features]

Broadband work

This product has good characteristics of 0.35 ~ 0.6dB insertion loss and 18 ~ 28dB isolation in the broadband range of 0.3ghz ~ 8.5ghz.

Because of these characteristics, this product is not only used in the car electronic remote control key RKE related applications, but also can be used in the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band WiFi applications.

■ 0.5mm lead spacing and wettableflag package structure for vehicle applications

In vehicle applications, 0.5mm lead spacing and wettableflag packaging structure are strongly required for the chip. This product has already been provided, so that it can realize solid welding and import the automatic appearance inspection device.

Wide working temperature range, in line with vehicle specifications

It conforms to aec-q100grade1 (- 40 ~ 125 ℃) automotive electronic certification standard.

For example, the body control module BCM (body control module), which is often equipped with RKE function, has various functions, so that the peripheral parts of the processor often generate heat or even high temperature. The working temperature of this product can reach 125 ℃, so the application range will be wider.

This product has also passed the VDA6.3 audit requirements, and PPAP documents can also be submitted.

[product performance]

Switching voltage 3.0vtyp

Low current consumption 5.0 μ atyp

Low insertion loss 0 [email protected]=0.3to2.5GHz

zero [email protected]=4.9to5.9GHz

zero [email protected]=8.5GHz

High isolation [email protected]=0.3to2.5GHz

[email protected]=4.9to5.9GHz

[email protected]=8.5GHz

High p1db + 31dbmtyp. @ f = 0.3ghz, 2.5GHz, 5.9ghz

Package eson6-gc1.6×1.6×0.78mm (typ.), lead spacing 0.5mm

Working temperature range – 40 to 125 ℃

RoHS compliant, halogen free, msl1

Product appearance



  • On board RKE application
  • Ble, UWB applications
  • WLAN usage
  • Other general purpose RF Switch Applications

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