With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the unmanned self-help mode has gradually become popular. No one to help themselves, simply put, no one to sell tickets. The most important thing about the concept of nobody is to save manpower and improve efficiency. Nowadays, the domestic retail industry has gradually begun to develop towards the direction of self-help. Naturally, the book industry can not fall behind, and has also begun to “self-help borrowing of books” and retail. So, what does this have to do with RFID? Now let’s take a look at the smart Bookstore RFID smart 24-hour self-service lending cabinet.

New intelligent bookstore: RFID intelligent 24-hour self-service lending cabinet

Smart Bookstore RFID smart 24-hour self-service lending cabinet

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology, commonly known as electronic tags. It can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through radio signals without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets. Radio frequency is generally microwave, 1-100ghz, suitable for short-range identification communication. RFID reader is also divided into mobile and fixed. At present, RFID technology is widely used, such as: library, access control system, food safety traceability, etc.

RFID smart bookshelf

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RFID intelligent 24-hour self-service reading Cabinet Bookcase function

Book positioning: through the built-in RFID reader and antenna, the position of the book with RFID tag can be detected in real time, the real-time monitoring can be carried out continuously, and the wrong shelf can be automatically reminded;

Self service borrowing and returning: the borrowing and returning personnel can swipe the card, fingerprint or face recognition, the intelligent bookcase can open the electronic control lock according to the user’s authority, the borrowing and returning personnel can select books independently, borrow or return books, close the cabinet door, RFID automatic inventory, real-time display of borrowed or returned books, so as to achieve unattended self-service borrowing and returning;

Multimedia display: the screen on the intelligent bookcase can display book information, book retrieval, new book recommendation and other functions according to customer needs;

Fault and maintenance: the system has perfect fault detection function, and provides interface to realize the working state of network, reader, and light control board.

Authority management: the cabinet is equipped with electronic control lock, and the door opening authority management is carried out through RFID card or fingerprint, password, etc;

Big data analysis: the background can analyze readers’ reading preference and Book popularity according to the data of books being borrowed and personnel borrowing, and can evaluate the reading of students in school.

Related hardware introduction:

The high-performance antenna designed for intelligent file management is mainly composed of power divider (currently supporting 4-port and 6-port), antenna tuning unit, antenna board and metal shell. It can accurately read the stacked Book archive tags (Book thickness is more than 4mm), and accurately control the antenna identification range, so as to prevent the serial reading of RFID electronic tags outside the bookshelf and upper and lower layers. The power divider can be connected to one port, four port, eight port, twelve port, twenty-four port and thirty-two port digital signal readers and writers to form intelligent bookcases with different layers. The products have been widely used in library intelligent bookshelves, intelligent file management, important ticket management, shared books, drifting bookcases, distributed Libraries and other file management occasions.

It is a high-performance ISO / IEC15693 protocol electronic tag reader. It is designed with full digital signal processing, combined with proprietary electronic tag decoding core and processing algorithm. It can maintain high reading rate and realize fast reading and writing of electronic tags. It can be widely used in new retail vending cabinets, intelligent book cabinets, intelligent filing cabinets, drug consignment cabinets, intelligent filing cabinets and commodity ordering cabinets RFID system application fields include bit, test tube reagent management, entertainment industry chip management, fluency shelf, jewelry management, self-service laundry service, production process control, etc.

In general, RFID intelligent 24-hour self-service lending cabinet has brought us convenience and convenience to a large extent. When we want to read a book, we don’t have to go to the bookstore or library. As long as there is RFID self-service lending cabinet in the community, we can borrow and return it at any time without manual work. It not only saves labor, but also improves efficiency to a great extent.

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