The temperature is normal. With the resumption of work and production and the implementation of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we have another familiar tool – artificial intelligence thermometer. This year’s outbreak has surprised our eyes with artificial intelligence technology, refreshed our cognition, and made many people imagine the outline of the future.

In early March, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and proposed to speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as data center and artificial intelligence. Since then, “new infrastructure” has become a hot topic in the society, which has injected new vitality into the development of artificial intelligence industry.

“New infrastructure” is the infrastructure of digital economy

“New infrastructure” mainly includes the construction of 5g base station, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, involving many industrial chains.

Among these seven fields, artificial intelligence is the closest one to us, but it seems to have a low correlation with other fields. In this regard, sun Dapeng, general manager of Shangtang Technology Beijing Co., Ltd., believes that “new infrastructure” is the infrastructure for the country to build a digital economy as a whole. In the process of building infrastructure, we need to promote the economy as a whole, upgrade digitization and intellectualization, and achieve data transmission and data collection from tens of millions of terminals and hundreds of millions of terminals, and then manage and identify them And analysis. The role of artificial intelligence in the middle is to make full use of these data and generate some data analysis algorithms in batches after collecting these data, so that it can produce value and further drive the intellectualization from cloud to terminal.

Of course, in the artificial intelligence industry, it is already the business soup of the artificial intelligence platform company, and it also firmly seizes the opportunity to deal with the challenge.

Shangtang technology seizes three opportunities

(1) Grasp the new infrastructure

Many people know that the research of Shangtang technology in computer vision technology is at the top of the industry. For example, in the intelligent terminal industry, Shangtang provides face recognition and other technologies for different intelligent terminal products such as smart phones and smart door locks, which promotes the innovation and development of the intelligent hardware industry.

At the same time, based on the research of vision technology and the maturity of algorithm, this technology can also be transferred to other industries, such as face unlocking, smart beauty, smart filter, background virtualization, smart photo album and other image technologies of smart phones.

If intelligent vision technology is added to the financial industry, it is the popular face brushing payment, face recognition at the bank counter and other functions.

And so on, as like as two peas, we will find that although the problems and application scenarios are different in the industry, the patterns behind them are exactly the same. Visual technology is a basic research, and the products and solutions born from it can empower all walks of life. This is the unique “1 (Basic Research) + 1 (products and solutions) + X (industry)” mode explored by Shangtang in recent years, that is, “Shangtang drives and empowers all industries”.

Just imagine, with algorithm factories and more front-end perception capabilities, the process of business digitization will be further accelerated, the penetration rate of artificial intelligence in various scenes will also be rapidly improved, and disruptive changes will occur in industrial production, urban governance, work, learning and other aspects. This will enable Shangtang technology to firmly grasp the long-term opportunity of “new infrastructure”.

(2) Keep international

In fact, before the “new infrastructure” is widely concerned, there is still a long-term opportunity for Chinese enterprises, which has been concerned all the time. This is “going out to sea”. Chinese enterprises are not only Internet companies, made in China and Chinese construction companies, but also high-tech artificial intelligence enterprises. Since 2017, when AI began to be concerned, Chinese people have published many papers on AI all over the world. This also shows that Chinese people pay attention to artificial intelligence and invest in R & D.

Shangtang technology is also an enterprise that went to sea earlier. After all, Shangtang, which was founded in Hong Kong, has a strong gene of globalization.

The overseas business of Shangtang technology is mainly in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Middle East. The overseas layout of Shangtang technology is characterized by adjusting measures to local conditions. Different research sites will be deployed according to the characteristics of different countries and markets. For example, in Japan, Shangtang technology and Honda have signed a research and development cooperation on automatic driving, and jointly do research on automatic driving; in Thailand, AR technology is used to support the development of tourism industry, and so on.

Sun Dapeng is very proud to tell yiou that Shangtang technology is a representative enterprise of China’s original technology going out to sea. In the past, Chinese enterprises went out to sea more for manufacturing enterprises or application model innovation and business model innovation. Shangtang technology pays more attention to technology, actively maintains cooperation with overseas research institutions and university laboratories, and supports research projects by setting up scholarships, To achieve all-round cooperation.

(3) AI epidemic prevention

"New infrastructure" is the infrastructure of digital economy

In addition to seizing the two long-term opportunities of “new infrastructure” and “going out to sea”, Shangtang technology also maintains a keen commercial “sense of smell” for the opportunities that may appear at any time.

This year’s Spring Festival may be the longest time for many people to get together. But for the R & D team of Shangtang technology, this is the busiest Spring Festival in the history of the company. We can no longer feel the concept of Spring Festival. Sun Dapeng said with emotion: “since new year’s Eve, I have been immersed in work, and the rhythm of work from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day. At this time, the country needs us, and the actual epidemic prevention and control also needs us to make some contributions.”

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention process, the technology of Shang Tang has developed its own advantages, and has developed some technologies and products by using original technology. It has created a comprehensive solution for intelligent epidemic prevention, upgraded AI intelligent analysis products for SeneCare lung of new crown pneumonia, and introduced a contactless thermal imaging temperature measuring machine.

According to sun Dapeng, “the demand catalysed by the epidemic has led to a surge of users in some Internet industries and an increase in penetration rate. After these habits are formed, they are irreversible. The change of lifestyle and work style is particularly obvious in the medical and education sectors. Sensecare intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform has played a very good role in judging the condition of new crown. Similarly, the artificial intelligence course launched online has also been welcomed by primary and secondary school students. “

Why does Shangtang technology dare to say “enabling all industries”

From the process of seizing the opportunity of Shangtang technology, it is not difficult to find that the business penetration and technology R & D ability behind this company are very strong.

(1) Strong penetration of product technology

Shangtang technology has long proposed the concept of algorithm factory, that is, using mature deep learning training platform to simulate different objects and scenes for mass production. Up to now, Shangtang technology has been in the smart phone, internet entertainment, automobile, smart city, education, medical, retail, advertising, finance, real estate and other industries. Product services have both hardware and software, providing suitable solutions for many scenarios.

When talking about the industry layout logic of Shangtang technology, sun Dapeng clearly told yiou: “Shangtang has its own original technology to promote the upgrading of the whole industry and strive to build the whole industry ecology. There are three main standards for the future layout of the industry: first, the industry has rigid demand for computer vision technology; second, the capacity of the industry is relatively large; third, the current penetration rate of the industry is relatively low. Through the “1 + 1 + X” business model, we can empower all industries. “

(2) Three core competitiveness escort

To “empower all industries” is not something that can be easily said. In order to realize this vision, Shangtang technology must have its own unique core competitiveness before it has the courage to say heroic words.

In sun Dapeng’s eyes, what gives him courage is the three core competitiveness of Shangtang technology.

In terms of business, Shangtang explores a unique “1 + 1 + X” business model. The first “1” is technology research, the second “1” is products and solutions, and the third “X” is different industries. Through this business model, Shangtang works hand in hand with many business partners to develop original artificial intelligence technology to meet the challenges of the real world.

In the field of talents, Shangtang has invested a lot of resources in basic research. The research team is composed of top talents from all over the world, and more than half of them are engaged in research and development. Based on these advantages, Shangtang has become the world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence algorithms, and also one of the companies that publish the most relevant papers in the whole field of artificial intelligence research.

With talents, new technologies are constantly born, so the third core competitiveness is technology.

In terms of technology, Shangtang technology has achieved a number of core technological innovations and breakthroughs. Moreover, the original deep learning platform and deep learning Supercomputing Center of Shangtang technology can greatly reduce the research and development costs of various kinds of artificial intelligence technologies, and shorten the time of developing and deep learning algorithm models. In recent years, in the world-class artificial intelligence competitions, Shangtang technology’s high-tech products have also gained a lot.

After sun Dapeng finished these three core competencies, a preliminary business logic framework seems to have been formed.

Shangtang technology seems to build a self enhancement loop around the five variables of technology, talent, product, service and reputation, and then continuously promote the business system, step by step, to realize the vision of enabling all industries.

Sun Dapeng, who came from a financial background, has not been in touch with AI for a long time, but his keen vision and unique thinking logic are really admirable. “Whether it is finance or high-tech enterprises, the ultimate operation logic should adapt to the direction of China’s macroeconomic development. Sometimes economy and technology do not have the same logic of thinking, but as a technology enterprise, it has to produce business logic in the process of economic operation. Shangtang technology is a very good combination point. “

As one of the national new generation AI open innovation platforms released by the Ministry of science and technology, Shangtang technology will participate in the global AI Product Application Expo (smart Expo) to be held in Suzhou. It will display key business sectors such as intelligent education, pan cultural entertainment, intelligent car and intelligent medical treatment, and share the latest development of AI industry.

Smart Expo will be the first large-scale offline exhibition this year, which brings great confidence to the artificial intelligence industry. Sun Dapeng said that the smart Expo is a landmark conference for the innovation and development of artificial intelligence industry in the post epidemic era. Shangtang technology will explore the future development road with its industry partners by showing the latest picture of AI enabled industries.

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