Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park focuses on cloud computing, network security and other business forms, and through 18 measures, creates a digital service export base with national strategic support and industrial competitiveness.

Recently, the national digital service export base of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park was officially unveiled and signed a cooperation agreement with the “tomorrow city” platform of the global smart city Expo. The unveiling of the base is not only a concentrated embodiment of the Internet of things Industrial Park’s commitment to the development of digital industry, but also a landmark achievement of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) in building the strongest digital economy zone.

At present, information technology is promoting the innovation of international trade mode, the transformation of advantages and the improvement of efficiency, the continuous expansion of the scope of service trade and the continuous innovation of delivery mode, especially the birth of a new form of digital trade. Known as the “international shore”, Hangzhou Binjiang is seizing the digital “new opportunity” to improve the stability of the digital service trade ecosystem and the international influence of digital service export.

Wang Min, Secretary of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) district Party committee, said that through the unveiling of the base, the high tech Zone will accelerate the cultivation and introduction of a number of enterprises with good growth and great growth potential in the field of digital trade, so as to form a new growth pole of digital economy.

Join hands with “tomorrow’s city” to link more than 700 cooperative cities around the world

The Ministry of Commerce, together with the central network information office and the Ministry of industry and information technology, jointly announced the list of the first batch of national digital service export bases, which were listed in 12 parks such as Zhongguancun Software Park, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone and Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park.

Shi Qiong, party secretary and director of development service center of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park, said that the construction of digital service export base is not only to accelerate the promotion of digital services, digital transformation and integrated digital export, but also to build a functional platform for the allocation of digital trade resources and project docking.

“One belt, one road,” is the development of the Internet of things industry. After years of construction and development, the digital economy and new manufacturing city are regarded as “double engines”. They have gathered 21 leading enterprises and 94 high-tech enterprises. The expansion plan for the future export of digital services has been formulated.

The reporter learned that the “city of tomorrow” of the global smart city Expo, as a multidimensional ecological platform focusing on urban and social development, brings together global urban resources, enterprise resources and resources from research institutions and organizations. With the landing of the national digital service base in Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang), “city of tomorrow” is in line with the development needs of the park.

“Based on the global smart city conference, the ‘city of tomorrow’ is committed to building a smart city and building the platform into a port for the collection of global science and innovation resources. We want to let Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) join the cooperation network that can link more than 700 cooperative cities around the world.” CEO of Greater China of the global smart city conference, “city of tomorrow” Mao Huidong, director of Greater China of the platform, said that on the one hand, “tomorrow’s city” promotes more international enterprises and technology projects to land here, on the other hand, it helps local enterprises and units to carry out global layout.

In Shi Qiong’s view, the digital service export base + the “city of tomorrow” platform can create a contact point for Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province between global cities, which needs to give full play to their advantages and connect with global high-quality resources while strengthening cooperation with foreign cities.

Launch “618” plan, digital trade runs out of “acceleration”

“The construction of digital service export base requires to become an important carrier of China’s Digital Trade and a gathering place for digital service export.” Shi Qiong said that under the background of the continuous expansion of the scale of global digital trade, the park is vigorously developing digital technology

The overall export of “service +” with technology as the support and high-end services as the guide, and the scale of digital service outsourcing and technology trade continues to expand.

New infrastructure breeds new competition points of Internet of things

With the technical advantages of leading enterprises such as Hikvision, Yushi technology and Sanwang technology, AI + video security is realized; Comprehensively and deeply integrate 5g network and new generation information technology with industrial system; Increase the R & D and testing of new energy vehicles and automatic driving technology to form a new force of intelligent driving… Carry out global digital trade, and the Internet of things Industrial Park of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) has a deep accumulation.

The white paper on the development and impact of Digital Trade (2019) issued by China Institute of information and communication pointed out that digital trade includes not only the physical commodity trade promoted by online publicity, trading and settlement based on information and communication technology, but also the digital service trade transmitted through information and communication networks (voice and data networks), such as data, digital products Trade in digital services, etc.

It is reported that in order to implement the construction of the national digital service export base, the Internet of things Industrial Park of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) has implemented the “618” plan, focusing on cloud computing, network security, blockchain, cross-border financial services, digital content and other business forms, by expanding and strengthening the digital service industry, promoting the transformation of enterprise digital services 18 measures in six major aspects, including cultivating new business forms of digital service export, and building a digital service export base with national strategic support and industrial competitiveness.

This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the world, and Zhejiang’s trade in services has been on the upswing in the near global “close down”. Data show that from January to may, the import and export volume of service trade in Zhejiang Province was 152.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%. It is noteworthy that in the same period, the service trade export volume of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park reached 3.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11%.

Shi Qiong said that by 2022, it is planned to realize that the digital service export of the base will account for 40% of the foreign trade export of the whole region, the service export completed or realized by modern information technology will account for 60% of the foreign trade export, the number of digital service enterprises will reach 350, and the scale of digital service export will reach US $3 billion.

Optimize the innovation ecology and keep up with the new trend of international trade

Not long ago, the fun chain technology blockchain Industrial Park located in the Internet of things town of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) was officially opened, which will be used to promote the integrated development of blockchain and industry. It is expected that phase I of Qulian technology blockchain Industrial Park will be put into operation by the end of 2023.

“Blockchain is a digital economic infrastructure, which should enable many fields such as finance, government affairs, people’s livelihood, industrial manufacturing, electric power and energy. We will take the opportunity of the construction of national digital service export base to integrate the whole industry ecology of blockchain such as underlying system development, application landing and industrial incubation in the park, so as to provide all-round and one-stop support for the development and landing of blockchain So as to improve the digital service capability, “said Zhang Shuai, marketing director of Hangzhou fun Chain Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Changguang Industrial Technology Research Institute is jointly established with Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on the transfer and transformation of achievements in the field of precision instruments and equipment; Danghong technology intelligent video industry base started in Binjiang Internet town; The digital creative industry base and the live broadcast e-commerce industry base were unveiled simultaneously… In early June alone, the initiative of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) to optimize the innovation ecology can be described as “intensive”.

“At present, the epidemic is spreading all over the world. The construction of national digital service export base will pay more attention to the construction of system and environment, and integrate enterprises and other forces, so as to better grasp the new trend of international trade development.” Shi Qiong said that this can be confirmed by the resumption of work and production in the high tech Zone (Binjiang).

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia test, the Hangzhou industrial and Technological Development Zone (Binjiang) has experienced a decline in the industrial added value, but in March it was positive and the industry rose rapidly in April. The 1 quarter April growth rate of industrial added value reached 16.2%, and it is estimated that the growth rate of 1 to May will reach 18% left and right. “With the help of the strong foundation of digital economy and the strong empowerment of digital governance, we create the due performance of a strong digital economy zone,” said Wang min.

Sheng Qiuping, director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, said that he would support and promote the construction of a national digital service export base in Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) Internet of things Industrial Park, give priority to the national digital service export pilot policy, form a case of system innovation and policy innovation to promote digital service export, and provide “Zhejiang innovation practice” for national digital service export.

“The significance of the sci-tech innovation board is not limited to the capital level. It is the main battlefield facing the economy and aiming at the world’s scientific and technological frontier. This positioning means that companies that can go on the sci-tech innovation board should have a strong sense of mission, because they carry the needs of national economic transformation, the world’s leading scientific and technological PK, and the needs of people’s life improvement.” recently, Li Hong, President of Weisheng information, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of Securities Daily.

Weisheng information is the first listed company to land on the science and innovation board in Hunan. It focuses on Internet of things solutions in the field of smart utilities. It is one of the earliest enterprises specializing in smart utility equipment manufacturing in China. It is committed to providing Internet of things products and solutions for power, water, gas, heat, security and other public utilities.

Landing on the scientific innovation board is only the starting point of Weisheng information’s journey. Li Hong said: “after landing on the science and innovation board, the company is more sensitive to the world’s cutting-edge technology. In the past, the company just tried to be the industry leader. Now it looks at the industry competition from a higher dimension and benchmarkes the company with the cutting-edge standards of world science and technology.”

“Five star housekeeper” of smart city

Now, querying water charges and paying fees are just hands-on things on mobile phones. Compared with the past, meter readers read water meters door-to-door, the efficiency improvement is self-evident.

“At present, the query of power consumption information can be accurate to every second, but it is not a simple process from traditional meter reading to intelligent data acquisition and analysis. It has gone through the struggle of countless R & D personnel day and night.” Zhong Xiyu, the Board Secretary of Weisheng information, told the Securities Daily.

Weisheng information is such a high-tech enterprise that realizes “cloud meter reading”. The company’s main products run through the perception layer, network layer and application layer of the Internet of things. The specific products of the sensing layer include electric monitoring terminal and water vapor heat sensing terminal; The specific products of network layer include communication module and communication gateway; The specific product of the application layer is the smart utility management system.

Zhong Xiyu explained: “If the Internet of things system is compared to the human body, Weisheng information is to provide the system with a complete set of core software and hardware of the nervous system for returning external information to the brain center. The sensing terminal with the chip as the core is like the nerve endings of the whole system. After collecting voltage, current and other information, it will be transmitted to the brain through power line carrier, micro power wireless and other intermediate media The next nerve is the edge computing link. The information will be classified through the processing of the edge computing system, and then uploaded to the cloud through the wireless communication public network, such as 4G and 5g, and distributed to different departments or systems, that is, the brain center of the whole system. “

In fact, in addition to providing complete solutions for smart energy management, Weisheng information has gradually expanded to fields such as smart fire fighting and smart street lamps. With the development of smart city, Weisheng information is more like a “five-star housekeeper” providing all-round life services.

Don’t underestimate that the smart water meter of Weisheng information has another wonderful function. “For example, if the company’s products are installed in the elderly, if the water consumption decreases abnormally for a period of time, the data background will alarm at the first time,” Zhong Xiyu said.

In the exhibition hall of Weisheng information, the reporter saw the company’s latest intelligent fire-fighting products. Different from traditional fire-fighting products, Weisheng information’s intelligent fire-fighting products move the early warning forward to prevent trouble. Zhong Xiyu said: “the company’s intelligent fire-fighting products can sense whether there are fire hazards through residual current and temperature, and give early warning in case of problems, so as to transfer fire prevention and control to advance.” it is reported that the intelligent fire-fighting products have been promoted on a trial basis in Changsha high tech Zone, and more than 100 fires have been effectively prevented during the trial operation.

In addition, the smart street lamp of Weisheng information also played an important security role in the recent rainstorm in Changsha. According to Zhong Xiyu, a variety of equipment such as lamps, environmental monitoring sensors and communication equipment are integrated and installed on the street lamp pole, which can effectively realize the real-time monitoring and reporting of leakage and other faults on the GIS map. At the same time, it can also effectively prevent accidents with potential safety hazards to citizens such as rain soaked lines and live lamp poles.

The hard core strength of the first science and technology innovation board Hunan enterprise

As the first listed company on the science and innovation board in Hunan, Weisheng information’s scientific and technological innovation ability has attracted much attention.

Statistics show that by the end of 2019, the company had 12 IC Layout certificates and a total of 607 valid patents, including 73 invention patents; Participated in the formulation of 20 standards, including 14 national standards. The company also participated in the formulation of international standards of IEEE p2815 guide to technical specifications for intelligent distribution transformer terminals.

According to Li Xianhuai, vice president of Weisheng information, the company’s high-precision real-time monitoring technology has achieved a breakthrough that the fault location error of distribution network is less than 100m, and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Hunan Province. The local communication units under various scenarios of low-voltage centralized reading have achieved 100% interconnection, and won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Guangdong Province. The HPLC communication chip independently designed by the company has been upgraded iteratively and obtained the IC Layout registration certificate. The noise suppression and anti signal attenuation ability are about 10 times higher than that of the previous generation chip.

More intuitively, the main business products of Weisheng information are almost all the results of the integrated application of the company’s core technology. According to the data, from 2016 to 2018, the revenue of the company’s core technology products was RMB 667 million, RMB 988 million and RMB 1.032 billion respectively, accounting for 98.04%, 99.30% and 99.32% of the operating revenue respectively.

In terms of R & D system construction, Weisheng information has successively established Weisheng Information Engineering Technology Research Center and Weisheng information academician workstation. At the same time, it has long-term cooperation with Central South University, South China University of technology, Changsha University of technology, Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Hunan measurement and Testing Institute, and is committed to the training of R & D personnel and the innovation of R & D technology.

In terms of incentive of core technical talents, Weisheng information frequently makes great moves. Li Xianhuai told the Securities Daily: “the company has established an innovation fund. Every new technology and product will reward and motivate the team technicians.”

In addition, R & D investment is often regarded as the yardstick to measure the scientific and technological content of enterprises, which can be seen from the “hard core” strength of Weisheng information. According to the data, from 2017 to 2019, the R & D expenses of Weisheng information were 81.74 million yuan, 74.08 million yuan and 99.13 million yuan respectively, accounting for 8.21%, 7.13% and 7.97% of the operating revenue respectively.

Li Hong said: “Weisheng information is one of the few companies in the Internet of things industry that can cover the overall solutions of the Internet of things application layer, network layer and sensor layer at the same time. Our technology span is relatively comprehensive and our scientific and technological competitiveness is enough. In the future, the company will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, optimization and upgrading, so as to achieve faster and better development.”

New infrastructure breeds new competition points of Internet of things

The national development and Reform Commission delineated the scope of “new infrastructure” for the first time, including information infrastructure, integration infrastructure and innovation infrastructure.

Li Hong believes that: “The new infrastructure provides Weisheng information with market growth space for accelerated development and technical guidance for continuous innovation and iteration. At present, China’s digital transformation and the Internet of things have penetrated into all aspects of social economy, including production services, work and life, clothing, food, housing and transportation. It is one of the important economic pillars, which provides Weisheng information with broader development space.”

“Based on a full range of IOT devices such as industry application software, data terminals, communication chips and intelligent sensing devices, we will gradually go deep into the application layer, network layer and sensing layer of the IOT technical architecture, establish product standards with first mover advantages, sensor devices with animal networking, network layer communication gateways and modules, and industry-oriented application level services Overall sales and rapidly expand market share, “Li Hong said.

It is worth mentioning that under the impact of the epidemic in the first quarter of this year, the trend of accelerating the information transformation of the Internet of things is becoming more and more obvious. Li Hong said: “the epidemic has accelerated the catalysis of the Internet of things company, which is an ‘organic in danger’ for the company, and also gave birth to a new competition point of Weisheng information.”

According to reports, while strengthening epidemic prevention and control, Weisheng information actively resumed work, seized market opportunities, and bucked the trend to complete the set goals for the first quarter. The first quarterly report shows that during the reporting period, the company realized an operating revenue of 239 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.71%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 32.71 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.49%.

If the new infrastructure provides a place for Weisheng information to take off, the capital platform of the science and innovation board is the booster for the company to accelerate its rise. Li Hong said: “entering the capital market has solved the shortage of the company’s original production capacity, and the raised funds have further consolidated the company’s leading advantage in the Internet of things and R & D investment. In the future, the company will seize the opportunity of new infrastructure to become bigger and stronger, and does not rule out making appropriate mergers and acquisitions around the industrial chain.”

At the end of the interview, Li Hong looked forward to the strategic vision of Weisheng information in the next five years. “In the next five years, the company will strive to maintain the market volume and industry ranking at the first echelon. At the same time, it will continue to improve the revenue scale, market share and R & D transformation ability, strive to become a small unicorn in the Internet of things industry and bring better returns to investors.”

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