On October 27, the large-scale pilot application demonstration activity of 2020 ICV c-v2x “new four spans” (hereinafter referred to as “new four spans” activity) was launched in Shanghai. More than 40 automobile manufacturers, more than 40 terminal equipment manufacturers, as well as a number of chip module manufacturers, graphic manufacturers, location service providers and other industry chain enterprises participated in the activity.

"New four strides" -- China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. completed large-scale pilot application demonstration activities with 18 auto manufacturers

C-v2x gradually becomes standard configuration

To realize “smart car” and “smart road”, c-v2x technology has become a necessary option.

This year, in addition to ag15c-v2x module, ag520r module integrated with LTE-A + c-v2x technology of mobile communication was successfully applied in this activity, supporting 18 domestic and foreign vehicle enterprises and more than 10 suppliers, and excellently completing various large-scale function, performance tests and “new four span” demonstration tasks.

The extensive use of the c-v2x series modules of Yueyuan fully verifies the technical leadership and continuity of Yueyuan in the field of vehicle gauge level communication and positioning, as well as the universality of industrial chain cooperation, and effectively promotes the large-scale application of c-v2x technology.

"New four strides" -- China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. completed large-scale pilot application demonstration activities with 18 auto manufacturers

List of team formation of Yueyuan (quoted from c-v2x Working Group)

This time, Yiyuan will cooperate with 18 vehicle enterprises including Hongqi, Toyota, Honda, Dongfeng Motor, Geely motor, GAC Weilai, Great Wall Motor, Weilai, Chinese express, sway motor, Nezha motor, FAW Volkswagen, JAC motor, baowo motor, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Iveco, GAC Mitsubishi, PSA, etc., as well as Huali Zhixing, yichatong, Wanji technology, Juncheng More than 10 suppliers, including lianzhihang, Haikang Zhilian, intelligent network of CAAC, Feichi magnesium, China Mobile Internet of things, Juli technology, Xinchi, Denso, Institute of software application technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, Shangtai and so on, jointly carried out the large-scale pilot application demonstration activity of c-v2x “new four spans”.

Continuous product upgrade

It is worth mentioning that the ag520r of Yueyuan LTE-A + c-v2x module has successfully helped Geely, Weilai, China express, Xinchi, Honda, Toyota, Junlian Zhixing, yichaton, Denso and other enterprises to successfully complete the exhibition.

The module is the first product on site to adopt the solution of qcommsa415m chip. It is manufactured in strict accordance with iatf16949:2016 quality management system standard of automobile industry. It can provide high-speed and reliable network connection to improve driving safety and traffic efficiency.

In addition, the ag520r integrates multi frequency GNSS receiver and inertial navigation technology, which can meet the high-precision positioning requirements of the automotive industry. At the same time, it well matches the high-precision and positioning test introduced in the field test this year.

Support maximum ltecat16 and c-v2x Technology

Support PC5 direct connection communication and UU cellular communication interface

Support ultra wide working temperature range (- 40 ° ~ + 85 °)

It can provide Gigabit mobile communication for on-board equipment

Integrated multi frequency GNSS receiver and inertial navigation technology

Backward compatible with 2G and 3G networks

Based on the demonstration of cross vehicle, cross communication terminal, cross chip module and cross security platform interconnection and interworking application in 2019, this activity further deepened the test and verification of c-v2x related technologies and standards, held large-scale tests, built a real working background environment for 180 c-v2x on-board terminals and roadside units in the test field, and focused on the test and verification of the large-scale operation performance of c-v2x on the Internet of vehicles power.

In addition, the “new four spans” also focuses on the addition of high-precision maps and positioning applications and security related content. The continuous enrichment of the activity content reflects the continuous innovation and improvement of c-v2x technology, and further promotes the commercial application of domestic c-v2x technology.

As the world’s leading supplier of Internet of things module, mobile communication continues to improve the product layout of c-v2x module, and creates a rich product portfolio for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers based on different communication modes, namely c-v2x module ag15, LTE module ag35, LTE-A + c-v2x module ag52x series, 5g + c-v2x module ag55x series plus ag215sap module, fully meeting the needs of on-board customers for future intelligent vehicle production Demand of product planning.

With profound technology accumulation and maturity and richness of module products, Yuanyi has made continuous breakthroughs in the field of c-v2x technology, accumulated a wide range of industry users, and successfully supported the implementation and application of Shanghai Yangshan Port intelligent heavy truck project. In the future, mobile communication will continue to strengthen the research and development of c-v2x technology, and join hands with industry chain enterprises to build a smart car and a smart road.

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