Micro NAS, a member of TDK group, has introduced a new embedded motor controller HVC 4420f, which features extended memory for driving small brush, step or brushless motors. The purpose of the product is to meet the new requirements of the intelligent actuator in the automotive industry for providing diagnostic functions. Samples will be provided from March 2019. Mass production is planned for 2020.

The product’s expanded 64KB flash memory and 4KB SRAM can meet OEM’s new requirements for functionality and diagnostics. At present, OEM adopts different ideas and means to realize diagnosis. This includes sensor data fusion strategy, actuator status and result diagnosis. In order to ensure the required data analysis, it is necessary to implement the conventional software that can activate the underlying hardware diagnosis function, and to meet the OEM framework to achieve the appropriate integration. Because of the large memory and embedded diagnostic components, HVC 4420f provides the storage capacity and can realize the diagnostic function in the unique environment of intelligent actuator.

HVC 4420f is a product of micro NAS high voltage controller (HVC) series suitable for intelligent actuator. HVC products combine the core of an arm standard microcontroller with a wide range of additional functions to achieve a specific compact and cost saving system design in automotive and above applications. Driven by 32-bit CPU (arm Cortex-M3) with 64KB flash memory, HVC 4420f includes timer / counter, interrupt controller, multi frequency ADC, SPI and enhanced PWM, with diagnostic function, which is very important for realizing safety related applications.

New embedded motor controller HVC 4420f introduced by Micronas

An advanced Lin UART, Lin 2. X transceiver and voltage regulator are directly connected with the board network to realize integration. Multiple power management modes help reduce power consumption. The product integrates a variety of integrated digital and analog circuit components, such as the comparator with virtual starting point reference, current calibration and embedded programmable gain amplifier, which are used in no need of many external components.

Because of its high voltage handling, HVC 4420f supports complex motor control algorithms, such as permanent magnet synchronous motor space vector modulation (SVM), sensor feedback or sensorless control of six step commutation, and a variety of stepper configurations. HVC 4420f can be equipped with production ready and high flexibility parameter adjustable firmware, mature communication, monitoring and power management functions (Asila) and configuration tools. Based on the firmware, customers can develop application software quickly and effectively, optimize the combination of motor and control, and shorten the time of product launch.

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