On December 2, glory Smart Life announced that the NFC version of glory Bracelet 5 has the door key function online. Since then, the bracelet will let you open the door easily.

To use the door key function, we need to upgrade the wearable device and Huawei health app to the latest version, then open Huawei sports health app, open the door key function in my lab door key interface, click the connected wearable device in Huawei sports health app device interface, select Huawei wallet, and click “+” in the upper right corner, Then select door key – simulate physical door key.

Stick the wearable device on the lower part of the card. After reading the card successfully, the physical card will automatically simulate the wearable device. Then enter the name in Huawei sports health app and click finish.

New door key function in NFC version of glory Bracelet 5

common problem:

1. Which access control cards can be simulated?

At present, it supports the simulation of the unencrypted physical access card with a frequency of 13.56MHz on the market. For security reasons, the bank card with access card function and the access card with stored value consumption and bus consumption function can not be simulated temporarily. Even if the simulation is successful, the door key does not have bank card, traffic card and other functions.

2. Do you need to connect to the Internet to use the door key?

When Huawei wallet adds and removes door keys, it needs to be connected to the Internet. When swiping cards, it does not need to be connected to the Internet.

3. No response when reading physical access card?

a. When the wearable device screen is not aligned with the physical access card, the mobile wearable device finds the sensing area of the access card and then reads the card;

b. Your physical access card is not at the frequency of 13.56MHz, and the wearable device cannot read it.

c. If the card is not detected in 20s after you click the analog physical access card, please go back to the previous step in the sports health app and try again.

4. Is there a limit on the number of simulated door keys?

Currently, the same wearable device can simulate up to five door keys. Because different kinds of gate cards occupy different chip space when they are added to wearable devices, only 3 physical gate cards can be added to wearable devices.

5. Door key simulation success but swipe card failure?

Because of the different standards of access card reader, some access cards can be successfully simulated, but they may not be able to open the door. If you fail to swipe your card many times, it is recommended to use the original physical access card.

6. After the door key simulation is successful, there is a situation that the door key can be brushed when entering the gate and not when leaving the gate?

It may be that the entrance and exit machines use different standard equipment, so it is recommended to use the original physical access card.

Glory Bracelet 5 Standard Version 189 yuan, NFC version 219 yuan. The appearance continues the design language of the previous generation, positioning the magic color screen healthy exercise bracelet, using 0.95 inch AMOLED magic color screen, resolution 240×120, PPI up to 282, the screen surface covered with 2.5D curved glass, more scratch resistant, the dial market can be changed at will, at the same time, it supports third-party custom dial.

A major upgrade of glory Bracelet 5 is the addition of blood oxygen detection function, which is particularly practical for high-intensity mental workers, the elderly and users of high mountain / plateau. It also supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring with built-in high-precision AI algorithm, with a comprehensive accuracy of 97.8%.

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