China Telecom announced the official delivery of phase I of Qingdao 5g smart grid project jointly developed by State Grid Qingdao power supply company, China Telecom Qingdao branch and Huawei, marking the completion of the largest 5g smart grid in China.

Qingdao 5g smart grid project adopts end-to-end 5g SA network construction, introduces 5g automatic multi-dimensional dynamic slicing solution, combines 5g MEC’s ubiquitous connectivity and super performance heterogeneous computing power, provides faster, finer and more accurate differentiated and deterministic network capabilities for the power grid, and realizes intelligent distributed power distribution based on 5g SA slicing New applications such as substation operation monitoring, power grid situation awareness, 5g base station peak shaving and valley filling power supply. Through the 5g + 4K ultra-high definition camera on the power tower to monitor the transmission line and distribution facilities, the staff can find the hidden trouble in time and save 80% of the manpower and material resources for on-site inspection. With the help of 5g ultra-low delay and ultra-high reliability, the project can quickly locate, isolate and eliminate power grid line faults, and shorten the outage time from minute level to second level or even millisecond level.

In August 2019, China Telecom Qingdao Branch, State Grid Qingdao power supply company and Huawei cooperated to establish 5g application joint innovation laboratory to jointly promote the construction of 5g in smart grid and energy Internet system. 5g application joint innovation laboratory put forward the concept of 5g power slicing and the three-tier Maslow demand model of energy Internet for communication network for the first time in the industry, initiated the establishment of the national major science and technology project of 5g network slicing, and released the industry’s first report on 5g power slicing technology and commercial industry A lot of exploration has been made in ecological construction. The three parties deployed 5g network and mec solutions in the four cooperation project demonstration bases of jinjialing in Laoshan, Qingdao, Olympic Sailing Center, State Grid Building and gugukou on the west coast, established the largest 5g smart grid experimental network in China, and provided 5g power protection services for the 2019 Qingdao summit of multinational leaders.

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