Recently, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Neusoft Reach”), an innovative subsidiary of Neusoft Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (“United Electronics”). The two parties will fully integrate their respective resources and advantages in the fields of automotive electronics and automotive basic software, and establish a sustainable and reliable strategic partnership to achieve a win-win situation.

At present, the smart car industry is setting off a revolution in electronic and electrical architecture and software technology, from distributed to centralized, regionalized, and software-defined vehicles. In this context, Neusoft Reach is committed to providing a stable and reliable automotive basic software platform NeuSAR, and the joint electronic cross-domain control business focuses on providing customers with a variety of domain controller solutions. The two parties announced that they will cooperate with each other in R&D tool chain and automatic testing, service-oriented software architecture (SOA) middleware based on domain controllers and basic automotive software, complement each other's advantages, and promote the implementation of localized automotive basic software solutions. Build an ecosystem of coexistence, innovation and openness.

Cao Bin, general manager of Neusoft Reach, said: Under the transformation of the new generation of electronic and electrical architecture, the ecological integration of software and hardware is an inevitable trend in the development of the automotive industry. Based on the practice in the field of automotive basic software platform, Neusoft Reach continues to build an automotive basic software ecosystem with independent intellectual property rights. United Electronics is a world-leading Tier 1 manufacturer of automotive electronics. This cooperation with United Electronics is an important expansion of Neusoft Reach's NeuSAR ecosystem. On the basis of deep mutual trust and open collaboration, the two parties will jointly explore innovations and breakthroughs in the application of basic automotive software under domain controllers, and provide independent and complete solutions for the software and hardware product technologies required by the next generation of smart cars.

Xiong Weiming, general manager of United Electronics, said: At the moment of rapid changes in the automotive industry, software-defined automobiles and ecological cooperation have become an industry consensus. United Electronics is building an ecosystem with industry partners with a positive and open attitude. This time, working side by side with Neusoft Reach, the domestic leader in automotive basic software, I believe that different sparks will burst out, jointly explore more possibilities for innovative software and hardware services, and empower the development of smart cars.

In the future, Neusoft Reach and United Electronics will continue to focus on intelligent, high-performance software and hardware products and services in a collaborative and innovative manner, jointly create localized automotive basic software solutions, and create an open and win-win smart automotive industry ecosystem.

Original title: Neusoft Reach and United Electronics signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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