At Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary press conference a month ago, Lei Jun suddenly released transparent TV, which surprised people in the industry. However, the disadvantage of the TV is that its price is “not close to the people”.

Recently, Netflix, Xiaomi or see the commercial value of transparent TV, is secretly developing a transparent OLED display, this display positioning daily office use, the details of parameters and transparent TV is the same. But transparent OLED displays will be smaller and cheaper than transparent TVs.

Netcom Xiaomi secretly develops a new transparent OLED display for daily office use

However, there is also a view on the Internet that although Xiaomi’s transparent display is cool enough, it can not meet the daily needs, such as color matching, editing and so on. Therefore, Xiaomi’s transparent display may only become a display screen.

Although we are not sure where Xiaomi’s transparent display will be located, Xiaomi’s courage to explore the display form is very encouraging.

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