In order to strengthen the training of more college talents in embedded chip and system design and application, the annual National College Students’ embedded and system design competition organized by China Electronics Society and jointly organized by Southeast University and Nanjing Jiangbei new area management committee was successfully held on October 29-31.In order to promote the integrated development of “industry, University, research and application”, guanghetong actively supports the competition and provides professional wireless communication modules for development and synchronous technical training guidance for multiple participating teams. Among them, Yuchi team from Dalian Maritime University won the first prize for the “in vehicle safety monitoring and processing system” scheme based on guanghetong 4G module.

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The competition was officially launched in April 2021. Guanghetong provides 4G wireless modules for many participants as the development basis. Participants can develop and design overall solutions for a social application scenario or targeted solutions for a specific function.In the actual competition, a total of 345 teams chose guanghetong module to participate in the competition. The entries apply the characteristics of vertical and horizontal smart retail, smart home, smart city, smart security, smart agriculture, smart Internet connected vehicles, and make full use of the wide connection, economic universality and wide application of guanghetong 4G wireless module. Finally, after several rounds of competition, many teams using guanghetong module successfully won awards, and 21 teams entered the finals and won multiple awards.

poYBAGGIiACAFEx1AADJc4Mh7EU63.jpegThe final selection adopts online synchronous evaluationpYYBAGGIiAWAYi7YAACboyNmJ0s35.jpegWang Hailiang, business development chip Cooperation Director of guanghetong, reviewed the works online

Based on guanghetong 4G module, Yuchi team from Dalian Maritime University developed and designed the scheme of “in vehicle safety monitoring and processing system”, creatively solved the in vehicle safety monitoring and blind area monitoring during vehicle driving, and handled emergencies at the same time. Yuchi team finally won the first prize and made full use of itGuanghetong 4G module, give play to creativity and bring new blood to more innovative applications of the Internet of things.

Professor Shi Longxing, chairman of the competition organizing committee, chief professor of Southeast University, director of Nanjing integrated circuit training base and director of Nanjing integrated circuit industry service center, said at the opening ceremony that the successful convening of this embedded competition should first thank the judges, teachers, enterprises and staff of the Organizing Committee for their support. Subsequently, the organizers will also conduct industry university research exchanges and academic discussions through various activities, and face-to-face exchanges with guanghetong and other enterprises, so as to help more college students further build a bridge to enter the industry.

In the future, guanghetong will continue to carry out competitions and training activities with many colleges and universities to help cultivate embedded talents of the Internet of things.


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