Guiyang, Guizhou Province – March 15, 2021 – IOT and smart grid communication chip design company Guizhou futongxin IOT Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Pelion, a leading manufacturer of networking equipment services. Enterprises of the two sides will work together to build networking products and IOT platforms with wi sun transmission and connection. Futongxin’s customers will receive Pelion’s assistance, To deploy and manage large-scale wi sun network devices.

According to the Gartner * report, between 2019 and 2024, the enterprise Internet of things platform market will grow by 31%, and the CAGR of connection management platform will reach 21.6%.

Nantong core is a leading manufacturer of wi sun system single chip and network software design. This cooperation with Pelion will connect the wi sun certified chip vc7300 and high-speed chip vc7351 to the Pelion platform which can support wi sun protocol stack. Pelion will provide scalable and easy to deploy services to enable customers to connect and manage devices safely. Pelion’s device management system will protect and facilitate the data collection and remote firmware update of petcom chips.

Zhong jiehui, vice president of marketing business of futcom, said that the cooperation between futcom and Pelion will help customers to safely deploy and manage large-scale wi sun networks, and promote customers’ products to have the characteristics of IPv6, open standards, certification, interconnection, enterprise level information security, etc. The chips with wi sunfan certification are suitable for smart energy applications, such as smart meters, water meters, gas meters and smart grid and smart meter infrastructure (AMI).

Pelion’s diversified connection options can not only connect and manage wi sun networks, but also meet 5g to 2g (including cat-m and Nb IOT networks) and non cellular connection standards. Pelion’s unique positioning enables it to realize large-scale device connection, enabling any device in any operating system, network conditions and application environment to realize IOT connection. Looking forward to the future, the cooperation between the two sides hopes to expand the complete wi sun Internet of things solution to the field of smart city, such as smart street lamp, smart building and industrial Internet of things; Intelligent residential areas, such as hems, smart home appliances; Intelligent sensor field, such as industrial Internet, online monitoring of energy consumption in Industrial Park, intelligent environmental monitoring, etc.

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