The SR73F large-angle obstacle avoidance 77GHz millimeter-wave radar independently developed by Nanoradar Technology adopts the advanced MIMO radar system, which can output up to 1920 obstacle information per second, with a detection distance of 0.2-40 meters, a detection angle of 112°, and ranging accuracy. ±0.1 meters. It can effectively detect moving/stationary targets, output obstacle distance, speed, angle and other information, and fully meet the needs of training and simulation tests in specific environmental areas (subject second driving test).

business challenge

As a traditional industry, motor vehicle driving training has a history of decades. In the past decade or so, the industry has adopted a training mode of hands-on teaching by coaches, which can no longer meet the needs of young students at this stage, and needs to adopt more intelligent, humanized and digital methods to solve the demands of students.

The comprehensive driving training mode equipped with ADAS (millimeter wave radar, camera, display screen) has begun to replace the traditional oral instruction mode, and the ADAS system is used to complete standardized, safe and efficient driving training without a coach in a specific environmental area (subject 2) Teaching tasks, so as to achieve the goals of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, saving energy and reducing emissions.


Nanoradar provides a set of millimeter wave radar SR73F (front 1 rear 1, front 2 rear 1 or front 2 rear 2) for the coach car. SR73F is a 77GHz large-angle obstacle avoidance radar sensor specially developed by Nanoradar for the application of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) in coach vehicles. It uses millimeter wave radar to monitor the environment in front and behind the vehicle, and detects surrounding pedestrians and obstacles in real time. Determine whether the obstacle is within the range of the driving track of the vehicle.

The timing of the braking action is determined according to the current vehicle speed, ensuring safety while reducing wrong braking actions and improving driving safety. It avoids the inconvenience for students to observe under objective and harsh weather conditions such as night, fog, and heavy rain, which may lead to the danger of collision in the blind area of ​​”vision”, and successfully guarantees the safety of students and vehicles.

forward obstacle avoidance

backward obstacle avoidance

Customer benefits

By integrating video and image processing inside and outside the vehicle, BDS/GPS high-precision satellite navigation, automotive intelligent control, millimeter wave radar, photoelectric detection, Internet of Things, and 5G wireless communication technology, it will provide accurate and real-time feedback on the status of the driving test car and the test situation To the smart terminal and back-end database in the car to realize “5G+smart driving training”.

Product advantages

MIMO system

Using 2 transmitters and 4 receivers with a total of 8 channel radar antennas, higher angle measurement accuracy can accurately realize obstacle positioning.

Large detection angle

With a horizontal coverage of 112°, one radar can replace multi-ultrasonic radar, meeting the requirements of subject two training.

Strong environmental adaptability

It can work effectively in the environment of -40~70 degrees Celsius, meet the requirements of IP67 protection level, and can be washed directly.

Accurate detection of multiple targets

It can output up to 64 tracking targets, and the ranging accuracy is as high as ±0.1 meters, which can realize the application of high-precision positioning of cones and obstacles.

Easy to install and integrate

Small size, light weight, easy installation.

Software Defined Radar

Support alarm division, support detection target number customization, support baud rate customization, support target cluster size customization, support protocol customization and other software requirements.

Excellent product development guarantee

1 Through modular design, a common CBB is built. Each CBB module has been verified by more than 10 products in various extreme environments for more than 2 years. The stability, robustness, and reliability of the hardware design can meet various stringent requirements of customers. 2 The original iRadar (radar general driving algorithm platform) and RATS (on-site data acquisition analysis and testing system) software platform, through agile iterative development, can realize the rapid development and verification of different product characteristics, support the rapid implementation of customer needs, and shorten the research and development cycle by 35% Above, the product failure rate is reduced by more than 32%. 3Using the core idea of ​​lean production to create a flexible manufacturing system, professional production team, strict quality assurance system, product quality can be traced throughout the whole process, each product has passed 5 quality inspection processes, and more than 10 quality inspection procedures are strictly inspected. Guarantee the quality of each product.

Nanoradar has faster response time, more flexible application configuration, more stable radar system, and more streamlined maintenance manpower, all in order to allow customers to have more cost-effective radar.

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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