Dublin, Ireland – September 3, 2021 – nanomicro semiconductor, the industry leader of gallium nitride power chips, announced that co-founder and coo / CTO Dan Kinzer shared the most influential innovation of the next generation gallium nitride (GAN) at semicon Taiwan 2021’s power and optoelectronic semiconductor online forum (September 7-9, 2021).

Gallium nitride (GAN) is the next generation semiconductor technology. Its switching speed is 20 times faster than that of traditional silicon devices. When the size and weight of the charger are halved, it can achieve up to 3 times the power or 3 times the charging speed compared with the traditional silicon charger. Ganfast of nano micro semiconductor ™ The power chip integrates Gan power supply and drive, protection and control, providing simple, small, fast and efficient performance. Gallium nitride power chips dominate in flagship mobile phone chargers and are regarded by electric vehicles and solar micro inverter companies as the next generation solution for higher power systems. By 2026, gallium nitride power chips are expected to occupy a potential market estimated at US $13.1 billion..

Mr. Li Zonghong, chairman of the forum and CEO of Wenmao semiconductor company, said: semicon Taiwan has gathered experts from industry, academia and research institutions. We are pleased to invite Mr. Dan Kinzer, a respected and experienced industry pioneer, to introduce the insights and market trends of compound semiconductor, a cutting-edge technology.

Mr. Kinzer’s 40 years of industry pioneer career made him selected into the first Hall of fame of the international power semiconductor device and chip Seminar (ispsd) in 2018. In the past, he was responsible for developing advanced power devices and chip platforms, wide band gap semiconductor Gan and SiC device design, chip and power device manufacturing process, advanced chip design, semiconductor packaging development and assembly process, and electronic system design. Dan holds more than 130 U.S. patents and holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Princeton University.

Mr. Kinzer said: semicon Taiwan has a long history in demonstrating cutting-edge technologies that promote future innovation. Nano micro semiconductor is very grateful for this opportunity to show our cutting-edge technologies to high-quality audiences. Gallium nitride represents the second revolution in the field of power electronics, which will be a disruptive change once in 40 years.

The lecture of nano micro semiconductor is entitled “gallium nitride, electrify our world” ™”。 The speech was held at 10:50 a.m. (CST) on September 7, and introduced the latest development of gallium nitride semiconductors, including integrated gallium nitride power chips that provide better performance, higher power density and simplified design.

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