The 2019 world mobile Conference (MWC 2019) will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 25 to 28. At this MWC conference, a large number of new products related to 5g technology are sure to be the most noticeable. After all, this year is the “first year” for 5g technology to be put into commercial use. Besides 5g, VR / AR technology also plays a very important role in this conference. What new products will appear in this conference? 87 Jun has made an inventory for you.

Microsoft has arranged a pre Conference Conference on February 24. In addition to Microsoft CEO NADELLA, the keynote speaker also includes Alex kipman, the inventor of hololens. A recent Microsoft release of the hololens 2 Trailer also hinted that hololens 2 will officially meet you at this MWC conference.

Hololens 2 is expected to use the Qualcomm snapdragon 850 chipset. Compared with the Intel Atom processor used in the previous generation, hololens 2 will not only have a significant improvement in performance, but also integrate the snapdragon X20 LTE modem, which can support 5g network, bringing a broader application prospect for hololens 2. This also means that hololens 2 will no longer be limited to indoor use as its predecessor.

The HPU of hololens 2 will be equipped with a new AI coprocessor. In addition to the improvement of computing power, it also implements a local deep neural network (DNN) to solve the problem of object recognition.

In terms of display technology, hololens 2 will focus on the problems of too small FOV and too heavy equipment. The new kinnect for azure combines Microsoft’s latest TOF (time of flight) depth sensor and new AI algorithm, enabling hololens 2 to better capture near and far objects, and closely integrate with cloud services.In terms of price, hololens 2 is likely to be lower than previous generation products in pursuit of wider application.

Vive focus plus will be the next generation enterprise product of HTC VR all in one series. Six DOF tracking from the inside out and two new 6DOF controllers are the biggest highlights of the device. Vive Focus Plus is also equipped with 3K AMOLED display to improve the optical effect. It uses Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor and runs on the Vive Wave platform of HTC.

Vive focus plus provides users with a more comfortable experience and complete enterprise support. Vive focus plus is easier to wear and unlock, providing a comfortable base for VR extended sessions that commercial customers need. The VR all-in-one machine also has a variety of professional functions, including kiosk mode, focus support and device management tools, which can remotely register, monitor and manage multiple VR all-in-one machines at the same time. The all-in-one will start selling on vive’s official website in the second quarter of 2019 to 25 markets around the world, supporting 19 languages. In most markets, the product will include an enterprise license at no additional cost.

MWC 2019 VR / AR technology content

The new device will be unveiled during MWC 2019, mainly for enterprise markets such as training and medical care. Vive Pro eye, a high-end VR head display with eye tracking, announced by HTC at CES 2019, will also be on display during the conference.In virtual reality, audio is usually considered after immersive visual effects, but Dirac is working to create more clear audio using its latest 3D audio solution, which is said to “enable people to distinguish the difference between each degree in all three dimensions”.

The company is applying for a patent for the dynamic HRTF (head related transmission function) technology, which solves the problem of sound difference when the head moves relative to the body. Dirac 3D audio is designed to provide users with highly realistic location audio with minimal distortion and errors.Dirac has previously worked with leading mobile device manufacturers, including Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, oneplus and Motorola. The technology has also recently been used by tritton for kunai Pro game headphones on PCs.

The latest Dirac 3D audio solution will be on display next week at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, and will be demonstrated using VR head displays and smartphones.At CES 2019, a number of AR glasses have made great achievements and won a good reputation. A number of enterprises, such as nreal, bright vision and rokid, have demonstrated their latest research and development achievements.

Judging from the development trend of AR glasses on CES this year, AR glasses connected to mobile devices are highly sought after by manufacturers. In addition to getting rid of the balance between battery capacity and performance, a lighter experience and a smaller heat can also bring a better experience to users. The only drawback is that AR glasses and mobile phones still need data lines to connect.

At the MWC 2019 conference, we are expected to see more appearance of such ar glasses. Maybe this form of product can open up a new market for ar.

Another important point of view at this MWC conference is what changes 5g cloud technology will bring to the application of XRD. Intel, at & T, Ericsson and Warner Bros have jointly built the Batman VR experience based on 5g technology, while SKT, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, has launched the VR application “oksusu social VR”, which combines social VR platform and Ott service, so that people can carry video content in the same virtual space.

The Batman VR experience displayed on MWC 2019 aims to show the LBE VR offline experience store under the support of 5g technology. The experience includes a fully integrated 5g network driven by Ericsson wireless base station and supported by Intel Xeon scalable processor and Intel 5g mobile trial platform, allowing MWC participants to “interact with the environment in mobile networks.”. The four companies hope to show “the way forward for lightweight hybrid reality devices” through the new Batman VR experience.

MWC 2019 VR / AR technology content

“At Warner Bros, we look forward to continuing to explore the power of 5g to provide our fans with a high-quality location-based entertainment experience (LBE),” said Justin Herz, executive vice president, digital products, platforms and strategy, Warner Bros entertainment. “By working closely with these 5g leaders, we can develop an attractive immersive user experience that will reach a wider audience and bring our most representative characters, such as Batman and scarecrow of DC, to life.”

The demonstration will be on display from February 24 to 28 at Ericsson’s booth (260 in Pavilion 2) and Intel’s booth (3e31 in Pavilion 3) in Fira, Barcelona, Spain.

Sk Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will set up a “social VR experience area” on their booth to jointly display “oksusu social VR”. ‘oksusu social VR’ is a mobile social VR service, which allows users to watch over the top (OTT) content together and communicate with each other. It successfully combines advanced social functions with the largest Ott platform ‘oksusu’ in South Korea in a virtual reality environment. Oksusu is the largest Ott platform in South Korea, with 10 million users. It offers 170000 movies, TV series and video on demand through 140 channels.

By using VR head display access service, remote users can gather in the same VR space to watch “oksusu” video content and have a conversation, feeling as if they are adjacent to each other. Up to eight users can gather in a virtual conference room to share each other’s experiences.In the virtual environment, each user is shown as a virtual avatar. By selecting face shape, hair style, eye / nose shape, skin color, clothes and accessories, you can deeply personalize your image.

The two companies will invite visitors to have a deeper understanding of the virtual reality world in the 5g era, so that they can experience more interesting and intuitive media and communication, regardless of location and language constraints. Sk Telecom’s social VR experience area is located in the central hall of Fira Gran Via 3.   In MWC 2019, KT will launch a VR baseball game that supports multiple players at the same time, and provide users with a pleasant and immersive game experience through Giga live TV. Giga live is a wireless based media service that does not require a separate terminal, such as a smartphone.


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