For music enthusiasts who are keen on portable devices, Shanling’s portable player can be said to be a very common choice. On August 20, Shanling officially released a new generation of portable player: m5S. For enthusiasts waiting for new products, this product has finally met.


Compared with the previous generation flagship M5, m5S has made you enthusiasts wait for two years, which can be said to be late. From the design point of view, this newly upgraded flagship machine does not live up to such a long wait. Starting from M0, Shanling’s player appearance design is made of glass and metal materials. The whole machine looks more concise and feels better. The m5S is no exception. It can be seen from the exposed rendering that the all black fuselage, coupled with such material processing, is more high-end.

Moreover, Shanling’s flagship player has always been aimed at feverish friends, and its configuration is naturally better. The chip adopts two ak4493eq decoders, and the interface design is more in line with people’s habits and aesthetics of electronic devices. Most importantly, the volume of this product is still Mini. Shanling player has been called “national brick” before. I’m afraid fans will change their words this time.

According to the price exposed by microblog, the new product is priced within 3000 yuan. It is expected to be officially unveiled at Guangzhou International earphone exhibition in September this year. Enthusiasts with ideas can take this opportunity to try it out in advance. The official launch is expected to be by the end of September and the beginning of October. Enthusiasts holding Shanling M5, will you consider changing a new machine?

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