The multi-functional UAV patrol technology and equipment project led by Sinopec Dalian Petrochemical Research Institute and jointly completed by Sinopec natural gas branch, geophysical company and other units has passed the appraisal of Sinopec science and technology department. The appraisal committee agreed that the project developed special inspection equipment for UAV, developed data processing and analysis management platform, formulated inspection technology plan, and formed a complete set of inspection technology for UAV of long-distance pipeline, which solved the difficulties of manual inspection and all-weather inspection in special sections Problems such as automatic processing of massive patrol inspection data have improved the pipeline safety management level and intelligent level, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level.

Traditional manual inspection has some problems, such as low inspection efficiency, difficult inspection in special sections, difficult troubleshooting of potential safety hazards and untimely inspection. In recent years, UAV has emerged in oil and gas pipeline inspection because of its convenience, rapidity and efficiency. However, there are still some problems, such as uneven technology, lack of standards and specifications, lack of special equipment, low data utilization, confusion of technology market and so on. Since 2017, Dalian Institute has undertaken R & D tasks such as technical specification preparation, special equipment development, intelligent data analysis and management platform development. It has worked with enterprises to overcome technologies such as surface deformation detection, natural gas leakage detection and dynamic image intelligent analysis, and solved the key technical problems of pipeline UAV patrol inspection.

Multifunctional new technology to solve the key technical problems of pipeline UAV inspection

In view of the lack of pipeline UAV inspection specifications, Dalian Institute comprehensively investigated the application status of UAV in power, security, plant protection and pipeline industries, and prepared pipeline UAV inspection technical specifications in combination with the needs of pipeline long-distance inspection, inspection in complex mountainous areas, inspection in special sections and emergency disposal, Cooperate with enterprises to formulate UAV patrol operation procedures and management measures.

Aiming at the short board of special detection technology equipment for oil and gas pipelines, Dalian Institute has developed airborne detection equipment for surface micro deformation based on lidar, airborne detection equipment for natural gas leakage based on tunable laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), and lightweight and highly stable dual light pod, which can realize the detection of surface deformation at the height of 150 meters and the effective detection of natural gas leakage at the height of 120 meters.

In order to solve the technical problems such as abnormal real-time intelligent identification, intelligent comparison of massive data and patrol real-time monitoring, Dalian Institute has developed the dynamic image intelligent analysis algorithm, the forward image real-time splicing algorithm based on digital differential correction and image facet mosaic, and the automatic modeling method of tilt photography, and established the online intelligent identification of suspicious targets, intelligent comparison and analysis of multi-phase data Pipeline UAV patrol integrated management platform with the functions of patrol real-time monitoring, massive patrol data processing, UAV configuration management, etc.

In addition, Dalian Institute and its partners jointly developed a long-range composite wing inspection UAV system suitable for plain and hilly areas, as well as an all-weather multi rotor inspection UAV system and data processing and analysis management platform suitable for complex mountainous areas, forming a complete set of UAV inspection technology for oil and gas long-distance pipeline integrating “specification + equipment + platform”. The project achievements have been successively applied in Sinopec natural gas branch, North China sales company and South China sales company, and more than 12000 UAV patrol operations of more than 70000 km oil and gas pipelines have been completed, realizing the identification of surface deformation, third-party construction, occupation, road change and other events in plains, hills, Loess Plateau and complex mountainous areas, The pipeline safety management level and intelligent level are improved.

“The multi-functional UAV inspection technology and equipment provide advanced technology and overall solution for oil and gas pipeline inspection, and have broad application prospects.” Wang Xiaolin, project leader and deputy chief engineer of Dalian Institute, said, “in the next step, we will do a good job in technology promotion, standardize inspection behavior, improve special equipment technology, and improve intelligent inspection level and safety management level.”

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