On June 6, 2019, a year ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued 5g commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television. 2019 is called the first year of 5g business in the industry. Looking back on the past year, China’s communication industry has experienced many difficulties and challenges, but it has also reaped achievements and hope.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak this year, 5G fusion application played an important role. Such as remote consultation, remote ultrasonic examination, thermal imaging human body temperature measurement, 5g UAV patrol, etc. In terms of resumption of work and production, 5g helps remote contracting, smart office, smart construction site, etc. In addition, 5g has played an important role in promoting media entertainment, industrial Internet and Internet of vehicles. From the central to local governments, governments at all levels are actively deploying 5g to help digital transformation and upgrading. According to statistics, by the end of May 2020, 333 5g policies had been issued by provinces, cities and districts across the country. Up to now, more than 250000 5g base stations have been built in China, and the number of 5g users in China has been growing, reaching more than 36 million. By the end of May 2020, a total of 145 5g terminals in China have obtained network access licenses (135 made in China). As of April 2020, 5g mobile phone shipments in the domestic market were 16.382 million, accounting for 39.3% of mobile phone shipments in the same period. From January to April, the cumulative domestic 5g mobile phone shipments were 30.441 million, accounting for 33.6%.

In the 5g era, everything is interconnected, “5g changes society” has been reflected from the ideal into the reality.

First anniversary of commercial licence

5g construction of operators shines

In just one year of commercial license issuance, China’s 5g construction has advanced at full speed, which is inseparable from the hard work of operators. At the first anniversary of 5g license issuance, the three major operators have shown their annual “report cards”. From network to technology, from scene to application, it shows us different “brilliance”.

Multi industry and multi scenario applications, 5g helps the development of Humanities and technology

“In less than nine months, China Telecom has jointly built and shared more than 140000 5g base stations. It is expected that more than 300000 5g base stations will be opened by the end of the third quarter. Users in all urban areas, some counties and developed towns can enjoy China Telecom’s high-speed and high-quality 5g services.” Wang Guoquan, deputy general manager of China Telecom, said. China Telecom took the lead in opening the world’s first SA commercial network in Shenzhen at the end of 2019, and launched a number of 5g featured applications. Through 5g networks and applications, we accelerated the construction of a digital infrastructure of “5g + cloud + AI + security”, and took the lead in realizing 5g network deployment based on IPv6 and cloud network integration architecture. In this year, China Telecom actively explored and enriched 5g application scenarios, and a large number of application scenarios and successful cases have emerged in ten fields such as industrial Internet, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment and intelligent transportation. Facing the future, Wang Guoquan said that China Telecom will firmly grasp the new opportunities of 5g development, deeply practice the new development concept, earnestly implement the strategy of network power, and accelerate the construction of new infrastructure.

China Mobile, which has just celebrated its 20th birthday, has also gained a lot in this year. Jian Qin, deputy general manager of China Mobile, said: “in the past year since 5g licensing, China Mobile has opened nearly 140000 5g base stations, developed more than 55 million 5g package users, and plans to develop 100 million 5g package users throughout the year. At the same time, China Mobile cooperates with the industry to create 5g new news, focusing on promoting 5g applications such as ultra-high definition live broadcasting, cloud games and cloud VR.” relevant data show that, At present, China Mobile has accumulated more than 3.2 million users using mobile cloud VR, the number of monthly live users of cloud Games has exceeded 17 million, and nearly 100 million users have ordered ultra-high definition video RBTS. In the future, China Mobile will vigorously promote the development of multi-modal 5g terminals such as 5g mobile phones, smart homes and wearable devices; Push the terminal price down to 2000 yuan, and plan to drive the sales of 100 million 5g terminals in the whole industry throughout the year.

In September 2019, China Telecom and China Unicom carried out 5g Network Co Construction and sharing, and jointly built a high-quality 5g network covering the whole country. Since then, the two sides have made joint efforts and achieved gratifying results. “China Unicom has built and opened 130000 5g base stations. By the end of this year, the total scale of 5g base stations will exceed 300000, realizing the coverage of all cities above prefecture level in China. 5g networks with 200MHz Super bandwidth and peak rate of 2.5gbit/s will be built in hot areas, and strive to realize the commercial use of SA networks by the end of September,” said Mai Yanzhou, deputy general manager of China Unicom. In addition, China Unicom recently launched the “3000 trillion” network, which is committed to creating a three-dimensional high-speed Internet environment covering the whole scene of home, work and travel. At the same time, new terminals represented by Ar / VR, home cloud services, edge computing and large video content industries are also accelerating to mature. During the epidemic period, China Unicom made full use of the technical advantages of 5g network to continuously enrich application scenarios in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, so as to stimulate new momentum of economic development. 5g + medical cloud platform, 5g + thermal imaging human body temperature measurement scheme, 5g inspection robot and 5g live backpack have been widely used in combating the epidemic.

It is worth noting that China Radio and television, which likes to mention 5g license with the three major operators, also continued to make efforts in this year. As the “fourth largest operator”, China Radio and television actively integrated into the national strategic layout and accelerated the construction of radio and television 5g network. According to Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Radio and television, “at present, China Radio and television actively implements the requirements of the national 5g Network Co Construction and sharing policy, has signed a co construction and sharing cooperation framework agreement with China Mobile, and jointly invested in the construction of 700MHz 5g wireless network 1:1 to further accelerate 5g technology, business and application innovation.” at the same time, China Radio and television adheres to the integrated development of national cable television network integration and radio and television 5g construction, and speeds up the establishment of “national one network” joint-stock company. We will vigorously develop new business formats such as ultra-high definition 4K / 8K, virtual / augmented reality and the Internet of things, and promote the deep integration of radio, television and mobile communications and the development of industrial ecology.

Multi industry and multi scenario applications

5g helps the development of Humanities and technology

At present, most people’s first understanding of 5g is that the network speed is fast. But in fact, 5g features such as low delay, large bandwidth and high reliability are enabling thousands of industries and truly changing our lives in all aspects. After one year’s development, a variety of 5g industry applications in China have been implemented one after another, and 5g has broken through and integrated with ICT technologies such as AI and big data, accelerating the pace of digitization and intelligence of traditional industries and helping thousands of industries flourish.

China Mobile Migu and calligraphy and painting channel successfully held the National Children’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition. As a pioneer in leading 5g, as early as last year, China Mobile Migu joined hands with the National Grand Theater to launch the world’s first 5g + true 4K theater live broadcast of the original national dance drama Tianlu. Similarly, at the beginning of this year, Migu also cooperated closely with CCTV calligraphy and painting channel to provide full 4K and multi perspective video live support for the party to domestic and foreign platforms through 5g, so that global audiences can feel the charm of Chinese art in real time. At the recent May 18 cultural and Creative Festival, Migu company also adopted 5g + VR and other advanced digital information technologies to make precious cultural relics within reach, making great innovative contributions to the dissemination of national culture and national spirit. In addition, China Mobile has specially launched 5g classroom to let children feel the convenience brought by 5g in smart cities, smart campuses and other fields, experience advanced 5g VR technology, and use technology to bury seeds of hope in children’s hearts.

Similarly, China Unicom joined hands with Anyang Municipal People’s government to celebrate the “5g anniversary take-off” in Anyang, Henan Province. As the hometown of UAV industry and the capital of China’s aviation movement, Anyang, Henan, has a reporting flight airspace of less than 3000 meters and 4200 square kilometers, with unique advantages in airspace and time domain. At the event site, eight representatives from China Unicom, Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology and Anyang municipal government jointly announced the establishment of China Unicom 5g universal low altitude test base, and the simultaneous release of 5g low altitude private network, 5g UAV integrated business platform and 5g UAV airborne terminal “Rainbow 1”. From UAV to driverless, from smart city to smart Park, from telemedicine to big data epidemic prevention, 5g is constantly creating miracles for the industry.

Looking back on this year, 5g coverage has gradually expanded, 5g technology has been increasingly integrated into our lives, and 5g applications have achieved fruitful results. China can become the leader of global 5g technology development, which is inseparable from the support of government policy dividends and multi-party cooperation in the industry. Overcoming difficulties in this year has laid a solid foundation for 5g development in the future. Entering the 5g era, 5g will open up a new era of mobile communication, build a new development of interconnection of all things, and accelerate the digital transformation of economy and society. In the future, thousands of lines and industries will work together to move forward firmly and jointly push China’s 5g cause to a new climax.

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