On July 20 this year, China’s independent high-speed maglev train went offline in Qingdao, with a speed of 620 kilometers per hour, setting a world record. This is the world’s first high-speed train with a speed of more than 600 kilometers per hour, and has become the fastest means of transportation on the ground. So how does the maglev train work? How does it work? How much do you know about maglev?

In fact, it is a large linear motor! Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the train is suspended first, and then electrified to form a repulsive thrust, and the train moves forward. Then the axial magnetic field motor is a circular linear motor, but one is linear motion and the other is rotary motion. The principle is the same, and the structure and layout are different.

The following pictures show how the maglev train operates.

First of all, the railway track is paved with coils for propulsion, which are arranged in NS. The whole route has to be paved. The cost is very high, and it can only be built with money.

On the train, there are also multiple groups of NS arranged coils arranged on both sides of the train.

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This is the principle that the same sex attracts and the opposite sex repels.

So what I just said is to move forward, but how does the maglev train levitate? The original traditional method is to add a group of coils to generate repulsive force to levitate the train, and the cost is doubled. The following scheme only needs a group of coils to solve the problem of magnetic levitation and forward propulsion.

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8-shaped coil

Yes, it’s this 8-shaped coil combined arrangement. So how does it work?

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This is the magnetic field generated by the loop coil on the train, and the corresponding repulsive force is generated.

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Equivalent to a large magnet and the coils on both sides produce a magnetic field effect. How can we use the magnetic field to levitate it? The key lies in this 8-shaped coil.

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The magnetic field produced by the current direction of the 8-shaped coil is different from that produced by the square coil.

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So it can generate upward pulling force on the train carriage, keep the carriage in the middle of the middle magnetic field, and form the magnetic field effect of suspension. Isn’t it clever? Such an approach can reduce a group of coils for suspension and save costs.

The advantage of maglev train is high-speed operation, low noise, no vibration and excellent riding experience. It is the best choice for future home travel.

Editor: Huang Fei

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