MSI today released the mpgartymis 343cqr display with 34 inch @ 1000r curvature panel, which is characterized by hdr400 and AI functions. In terms of AI, the display is first equipped with the company’s patented optixscope function, which can obtain the eight level zoom aiming magnifying glass function linked with the mouse reducing DPI in FPS games, and the user can set the corresponding hotkeys for it.

MSI releases 34 inch curved screen game display

In terms of parameters, the display has 3440 × 1440 resolution, 1-ms response time, and up to 165hz refresh rate.

Other AI functions include Nightvision AI, which can intelligently adjust brightness, microphone noise and night vision contrast through OSD menu.

It is worth mentioning that mpgartymis 343cqr display also provides “native support” for Sony ps5 / Microsoft Xbox series X, which is convenient for players to easily switch between host and PC.

Finally, the display has been open for booking on the official website of MSI and Amazon, and the price is $899.99 (about 5820 RMB). However, the latter has not yet given the correct product drawing, and it needs to wait 1-2 months to ship.

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