MS8829 is a three-phase brushless motor driver chip, the maximum operating voltage can reach 35V, and the maximum driving current is 1.5A. Pin-to-pin compatible with LV8829.

The chip uses PWM pulse drive to reduce output power consumption, and adjusts the speed of the motor by adjusting the duty cycle of the external signal; the chip has a built-in latch protection circuit, which can protect the chip when the motor is running normally but the HALL signal input is abnormal effect.

main feature

Low output impedance upper arm bridge 0.6Ω, lower arm bridge 0.5Ω
Speed ​​control and synchronous rectification using direct PWM input
1-HALL FG output
Latching CSD Protection Circuit
Forward and reverse working mode, switchable
Power saving function in stop mode
Over temperature, over current protection and low voltage protection
5V Regulated Output
STAR/STOP circuit (enters “shortbrake” when motor is off)


laser printer
dedicated printer
large appliances
Surveillance cameras

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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